JACK AND MBALI: Eradicate AIDS now

September 15, 2011
We are part of the AIDS generation: we are too young to have lived in a world without the disease. Throughout our lives, the specter of HIV has influenced our relationships and responsibilities to others. We want to see a world free of this disease and now, for the first time, we believe it’s possible. »

Carel and Jack: Say no to global health cuts

February 17, 2011
Yalies care about global health — at least passively. You may read the news, think you’re up on current issues. You know all about what’s going on in Egypt, who won at the Grammys, and even how the Jeopardy-playing supercomputer Watson works. But did you realize that the U.S. government, through looming budget cuts, could »

Jack: Letters can set prisoners free

February 26, 2009
“When the first 200 letters came, the guards gave me back my clothes,” a former Dominican prisoner wrote to Amnesty International about his experience. “The next 200 letters came and the prison officers came to see me. When the next pile of letters arrived, the director got in touch with his superior.” Activists around the »