On the ground: Pride Month gets sexier

April 13, 2009
The air was saturated with thoughts of lust. A current of sexuality swirled around the woman sitting at the head of a polished wooden table in William L. Harkness Hall on Friday. That woman was Gina de Vries, who led an erotica writing workshop as part of Pride Month at Yale, a series of LGBT »

Teaching is a family affair

March 24, 2009
Walk into any room 204 on the Yale campus, and there’s a good chance that you will find a Charney teaching class. All three members of the Charney family are teaching at Yale College this semester, and all three have been assigned to teach in various room 204s across campus. “At first, Jim was assigned »

Briefly: Hunters urged to donate deer meat to homeless

January 27, 2009
Rep. Bryan Hulbert issued a proposal Monday to encourage hunters to donate their deer meat to help feed the hungry. If passed by the Environmental Committee, hunters would be able to receive up to two additional deer tags from the Department of Environmental Protection in exchange for an agreement to donate extra meat to organizations »

Briefly: Yale agencies pay for students to experience philanthropy

November 17, 2008
The Yale Undergraduate Career Services and the Yale Club of New Haven sent seven Yale students interested in philanthropy to an event in Trumbull, Conn., over the weekend. The Association of Fundraising Professionals and the Planned Giving Group of Connecticut hosted Philanthropy Day 2008 on Thursday, an event at which attendees — who paid nearly »

Service helps users take Web notes

October 23, 2008
Sharing late-night epiphanies about Romeo and Juliet just got easier., founded by Robert Fishkin ’07 and Ben Taitelbaum, is a Web program that enables users to scribble in the margins of over 30 billion web pages. Launched Oct. 8, the program allows a community of users to generate their own scribbles and footnotes in »

Your interests, in 3-D

October 6, 2008
Students tired of 2-D social networking now have another option — and another dimension. The founders of Things Are Common LLC, four Yale graduates, said they aim to revolutionize online social advertising and networking. The company, which received Connecticut Technology Council’s Economic Development Corporation of New Haven Recognition Award last month, gave a limited release »

Beckinsale, DeNiro under Yalies’ radar

May 1, 2008
Last year, Jake Berv ’10 dedicated several days to searching for Uma Thurman when the star visited the Elm City to shoot “The Life Before Her Eyes .” And he wasn’t the only one: for a few days last September, Uma-mania swept the campus. In stark contrast to the hype surrounding Thurman’s visit, the arrival »

DeBoom ’94 adds flair to workout gear

April 7, 2008
Running past a store window in December 2003, Nicole DeBoom ’94 experienced a life-changing epiphany: She looked like a boy. The realization more than shocked her — it led her to found SkirtSports Inc., a company dedicated to providing women with sexier clothing options for their workout routines. “The whole reason the company came about,” »

In breakthrough, Vignery grows bones

February 19, 2008
For anybody who has ever known the pain of a broken bone, the work of Dr. Agnès Vignery may come as a relief. Dr. Vignery, an associate professor of orthopaedics at the Yale School of Medicine, has spent the last seven years working alongside a team of researchers, from both Yale and elsewhere, to perfect »

On JuicyCampus, anonymous posts pick Yale apart

February 11, 2008
Who is the hottest couple on Yale’s campus? Yale College Council President Rebecca Taber ’08 and star running back Mike McLeod ’09 — at least according to The Web site, launched last August by 2005 Duke University graduate Matt Ivester, allows students at almost 60 colleges to anonymously start threads and post comments. Students »

De Cristo helps launch first Bulldogs in Brazil

January 25, 2008
At first glance, it would be easy to mistake Pedro Henrique De Cristo for just another Yale student walking into the University Career Services office. In fact, the 25-year-old graduate of the Federal University of Paraiba has just arrived for an interview with the News to describe his role in founding the brand-new Bulldogs in »

Roux emphasizes necessity of sleep

December 5, 2007
As at the end of every semester, Reading Week forces diligent Yalies to trade rest for research. But are the late nights and intense studying actually counterproductive? Francoise Roux, assistant professor of medicine at the Yale School of Medicine and assistant director of the Yale Center for Sleep Medicine, sat down with the News to »