Students weigh internships, pay

February 8, 2005 • 0
As students weave through the snow-covered Yale campus, establishing new routes to their second semester classes and dreaming of spring break, summer seems an eternity away. But drop the phrase “summer internship,” and suddenly it seems the approaching months will collapse on each other like dominoes, leaving the students warm but unemployed come June. During »

Dorn hails the chief once more

January 21, 2005 • 0
Forty years ago, Pat Dorn and his band performed at a crowded DKE fraternity party. In the audience that night was DKE’s president, a young man whom Dorn described as “quiet.” Last night, Dorn once again performed in front of George W. Bush ’68, still a president, albeit a slightly more important one, at his »

Meat Club revels in the thrill of the grill

January 20, 2005 • 1
As the temperature drops and snow settles on Yale’s rooftops and towers, socializing outside is the farthest thing from most students’ minds. Yet to the Yale Undergraduate Barbecue Outreach, known to its members as the “Meat Club,” winter is the perfect time to figure out who the hardcore barbecue lovers are. “The cold weather doesn’t »

Yale feels ripples of tsunami disaster

January 10, 2005 • 0
On the morning of Dec. 26, Carl Farrington ’65 was on the beach enjoying a family vacation in Poda Island, Thailand, when, he said, “suddenly, the ocean just went vertical.” Three waves hit about 10 minutes apart, Farrington said, each coming from a different direction. “Literally I looked up and there was a wall of »

Studying abroad increases

December 8, 2004 • 0
Though some students remain reluctant to leave campus, the number of those studying abroad experienced a slight increase this year as the University continues its efforts to expand international study opportunities, undergraduate study abroad advisor Karyn Jones said. This year, 89 students have been approved to study abroad in the spring, compared to 82 last »

Yale skaters hit the ice for holiday fund-raiser

December 3, 2004 • 0
The Yale Collegiate Figure Skating Club will spin, glide and twirl to raise money for their fellow athletes in the Special Olympics at their second annual holiday show, “Ivy on Ice,” this Sunday. The fundraiser, to be held at Ingalls Rink from 3 to 5 p.m., will feature members of the skating club as well »

Author chronicles life within the Ivies

November 16, 2004 • 0
Author Sean-Michael Green is currently living the dream of thousands of high school seniors — he is spending a year at not one, but all eight Ivy League schools. Green is researching the Ivies for his new book, tentatively titled “What I Learned in College: A Year with the Ivy League.” He has already visited »

W.squash is sharp in exhibition

November 15, 2004 • 0
The Yale women’s squash team finished strong in its three scrimmages Sunday, giving the Elis high hopes for the upcoming season. Yale defeated the University of Pennsylvania 9-0, Princeton 8-1 and the All-Star Team — comprised of players from all three schools — 9-0. Bulldog player Sarah Coleman ’05 praised the team’s ability to concentrate »

Grant aims to improve city’s asthma care

November 5, 2004 • 0
Asthma is responsible for 25 percent of school absences and is the most common chronic illness in children. With many patients suffering from asthma shuffling between care facilities, officials at the Yale School of Medicine hope a new project will improve communication between health care providers. The University and a group of community partners have »

Book traces bike’s birth to Elm City

October 29, 2004 • 0
New Haven is the birthplace of pizza, hamburgers, George W. Bush and the Knights of Columbus. And according to author David Herlihy, New Haven is also the birthplace of an invention that revolutionized transportation around the world — the bicycle. A series of events Thursday to promote Herlihy’s new book, “Bicycle: The History,” included a »

Mann speaks on foreign policy

October 22, 2004 • 0
When President Bush took office in 2000 with relatively little foreign policy experience, he made it clear that he would appoint seasoned political veterans as advisors. And so, four years later, on the brink of an election concerned heavily with international issues, Bush’s inner circle has garnered much attention. Bush’s top advisors have been strong »

Law School rally pushes to end JAG recruitment

October 13, 2004 • 0
About 50 law students and faculty gathered on the steps of the Yale Law School Tuesday afternoon to reaffirm to U.S. Department of Defense recruiters — and the rest of the University — that they stand by the school’s decades-old non-discrimination recruitment policy. The rally marked the 25th anniversary of the policy, which Yale suspended »