Grad’s debut novel likened to ‘Gatsby’

April 30, 2007
Nervous members of the class of 2007 may want to avoid “The Tourists,” a new novel by Jeff Hobbs ’02. For the book’s main characters, Yale graduates facing the grim reality of adulthood in Manhattan, life after Yale is a bitter struggle against meaningless jobs and unraveling relationships, laced with nostalgia for simpler times in »

Seniors feel heat of the job search

February 13, 2007
As graduation approaches, current seniors will brace themselves for the inevitable question: What are your plans for next year? Many spring semester seniors start to feel pressure to have either graduate school or a job lined up — and to have an answer to that most common Commencement-weekend question. “The nicest thing about having a »

Youth plan still in early stages

March 2, 2006
Two months after Mayor John DeStefano Jr.’s inaugural speech, in which he announced an ambitious plan to prevent New Haven youth from “falling through the cracks,” every aspect of the initiative remains in the early planning stages. DeStefano proposed the three-part plan as a reaction to last summer’s highly publicized spike in crime committed by »

Campus men are split on staying at home

October 20, 2005
The competing ideals of the caring, stay-at-home mother and the high-powered career woman have collided for decades, and Ivy League schools have often been breeding grounds for the latter. In a New York Times article last month, Louise Story ’03 SOM ’06 tackled this issue, igniting controversy by asserting that most Ivy League women want »

Ivies tighten tailgate rules

October 5, 2005
While Yale administrators continue to discuss possible changes to the University’s tailgating policy at sporting events, recent changes to alcohol policies at other Ivy League schools have prompted strong reactions from students. Following tighter security measures instituted this fall at Columbia University to prevent underage drinking at athletic events, many students said they are angry »

A cappella groups jam at art gallery

September 2, 2005
The Yale University Art Gallery shattered the stereotype of a stuffy, quiet museum at its open house last night, as university a cappella groups filled the galleries with upbeat, modern music and visitors spilled out onto High and Chapel streets where jugglers and dancers performed. The gallery is in the midst of renovations, but one »

Jesse Jackson rallies GESO

April 22, 2005
Supporters of the Graduate Employees and Students Organization gathered to hear the Rev. Jesse Jackson speak yesterday, jubilant after what they said was a breakthough achieved at a protest earlier in the day. GESO spokeswoman Rachel Sulkes GRD ’01 said the development she called the “biggest victory of the day” occurred at around 3 p.m. »

GESO looks to TA unions at other schools

April 18, 2005
While Yale’s Graduate Employees and Students Organization continues to press for recognition from a University whose administrators say the existence of such a union will be detrimental to graduate student education, members look to other graduate employee groups across the country who have already achieved union status. The first graduate employee union was formed in »

Candidates for vice president

April 11, 2005
Name: Ryan Atlas Residential college: Branford Class year: 2007 Hometown: Houston, Texas Major: Ethics, politics and economics Ryan Atlas ’07 said that as vice president, he would try to cement the YCC’s role as the communication vehicle for the student body. Atlas, a YCC representative from Branford, current Fresh Person Conference counselor and an avid »

Prof says revised SAT won’t make the grade

March 23, 2005
A new version of the SAT was administered to students across the country on March 12, with changes including a 25-minute essay and a more difficult math section that are designed to align the standardized test more directly with the high school curriculum. Yet Yale psychology professor Robert Sternberg, who has been developing his own »

Several factors hinder women in the sciences

March 4, 2005
Although opinion varies widely on the current state of gender equality in the sciences at Yale, most administrators, faculty and graduate students said they agree that increasing the number of tenured female faculty members is an important goal for the University. There are currently 17 tenured female science professors in the Faculty of Arts and »

Student writes video file-sharing program

February 10, 2005
For better or worse, one of the favorite pastimes of Yale procrastinators has just been taken to a whole new level. Now, instead of wasting a few minutes browsing through someone’s iTunes music library, students can waste hours browsing through other students’ video collections. The new program, called Lanovision, is a file sharing tool that »