LARSON: Discussion, not distance

April 12, 2012
For almost 100 years of our country’s history, slavery was an institutionalized, legally sanctioned and brutal reality. We all know how it ended — over the course of the Civil War, Northerners realized that it was not enough to hold on to the Southern states; slavery itself had to end. Perhaps less well-known is the »

LARSON: Toning down our rhetoric

April 4, 2012
A finger presses down over lips without a face, directing you to stay silent. Streets are deserted. Ominous, masked medical professionals handle syringes and a man points a gas pump into his head as if it were a gun. If you think this sounds like a trailer for a bad horror movie, you’re only part »

LARSON: No need to divide history major

February 29, 2012
The History Department is changing, as the News reported on Monday (“History plans ‘pathways,’ ” Feb. 27). In order to halt a precipitous slide in the number of history majors (there were 86 fewer in the class of 2011 than in the class of 2002) the major will add freshman seminars and make other seminars more »

LARSON: The price of living on campus

February 15, 2012
When I made the decision to attend Yale, I was absolutely sure I would live on campus all four years — indeed, the beautiful residential colleges, the suite structure and the quality of on-campus facilities were all factors in my decision to apply. Two years later, as we enter the stressful season of choosing suitemates, »

LARSON: Don’t let Open Yale Courses close

February 8, 2012
Unsurprisingly, my math textbook was written by an MIT professor. More surprisingly, the lectures I watch to learn the material are taught by that same professor. The Internet — and the willingness of elite universities to broadcast classes on it — can profoundly change the college experience and how learning is structured more generally. Besides »

LARSON: Bring back funding for community policing

January 24, 2012
When Dean Esserman was welcomed back to New Haven as the police department chief, he was hailed as a prophet of community policing, a crime-fighting strategy that prioritizes preventing crime as much as responding to it. Esserman announced that his mission was to bring community policing back to New Haven, saying, “In my day [New »

LARSON: Morality can’t be prescribed

January 18, 2012
What defines a liberal arts education? What must we require of those who aspire to one? These are questions that even top liberal arts colleges can’t agree on; the University of Chicago demands that its students study a prescribed core, while Brown offers students total freedom. Yale, with its distribution requirements, charts a middle course. »

LARSON: RIP, Blue Book

January 10, 2012
As we rush back and forth between 20 classes during the first two weeks of this semester, we will be aided by the classic, hardcopy, sometimes moldy Blue Book for the very last time. Last year, only freshmen were automatically sent Blue Books. Older students had to request them through SIS. Next year, Yale will »

LARSON: Finding fulfillment in finance

November 18, 2011
On Tuesday, Nov. 15, tired from pre-break homework, I lay down in the early evening and tried to nap — until the sound of chanting Yalies woke me. As a rule, I don’t take kindly to my sleep being interrupted, but my objections to Occupy Morgan Stanley go deeper. I am a Democrat who agrees »