LARSON: For a communal contribution

February 28, 2013 • 0
If every student worked some number of hours for Yale unpaid, Yale might be able to realize savings while creating an ethos of collective contribution.

LARSON: Yalies can grow old happily

February 19, 2013 • 0
The reason more people aren’t dating at Yale is because, as with academics and future careers, Yalies don’t want to settle for less than what they know is possible.

LARSON: An absent YCC

February 5, 2013 • 0
Reading the YCC’s own 2013 Mid-Year report reveals a totally depressing lack of real accomplishments.

LARSON: STEM at a disadvantage

January 22, 2013 • 0
The current iteration of our culture that enables and elevates extracurriculars has its strengths. But it also disadvantages STEM students seeking the full Yale experience.

LARSON: Lincoln’s greatness

November 30, 2012 • 0
Outside of historical facts, the part Lewis really played — and which I found to so completely correspond to preexisting notions of Lincoln I didn’t even know I had — was that of a perfect leader and perfect man.

LARSON: Defending the social sciences

November 16, 2012 • 0
The social sciences, 457 majors last year, now claim far more undergraduates than either the humanities or the sciences. But while the makeup of the student body — and the person in Woodbridge Hall — signals an increased recognition of the role of social sciences in modern life, a large segment of the Yale community denigrates them as an academically inferior, largely contrived field of scholarship.

LARSON: Obama for the economy

November 2, 2012 • 9
Our campus is almost uniformly supportive of gay marriage and is strongly, if not universally, in favor of a woman’s right to choose. Nonetheless, it’s become almost chic to identify as a “fiscal conservative.” Identifying as a fiscal conservative allows such Yalies to contrast themselves with idealistic, yet allegedly impractical, liberals. Romney supporters claim that »

LARSON: Hungry for a cause

October 19, 2012 • 3
I was a little taken aback when I received the first of several emails exhorting me to donate my meal swipes to the Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project. Since I am not currently on a meal plan, I found myself without any meal swipes to give. That didn’t matter — I could just click »

LARSON: Policies matter

October 5, 2012 • 2
Since Silliman College Master Judith Krauss’ decision to cancel all future Safety Dances, student response has ranged from outrage at the decision — “Why is the whole college being punished because of eight kids?” and “What happened to treating alcohol as a health issue?” — to the sense that we got what we deserved. Eight »

LARSON: Speech, violence and revolution

September 21, 2012 • 5
News travels faster than ever. People used to wait for the postman, then the evening news. Now, my iPhone pushes me the latest New York Times headline before I have a chance to look at the newspaper. This was not the case when I woke up to the news that Chris Stevens, the United States’ »

LARSON: Thinking big after Levin

September 7, 2012 • 2
As soon as President Levin announced that he would be stepping down, rumors began to circulate about who would take his place. The almost eulogistic tributes to Levin — the man has, after all, been president for 19 years — soon gave way to debates over who should be on the committee to pick his »

LARSON: For a grounded YCC

April 18, 2012 • 5
Now that John Gonzalez ’14 has won the run-off for the Yale College Council presidency, all the vestiges of election season — countless emails from the candidates and their friends, fliers in the dining halls and filmed debates — will give way to his agenda. Certain students want that agenda to be bolder than it »