GRAVER: The duty of intellectual cogency

October 7, 2011 • 19
Like many before her, Abigail Carney ’15, in her piece “The duty of the top 1 percent,” falls into an intellectual trap. The existence of poverty is not a conclusive defense for liberalism. But too often, be it in a classroom or on the pages of the Yale Daily News, it is seen as such. »

Graver: The cost of moralizing coffee

February 15, 2011 • 22
At every Yale dining hall, students can always be found flocking to the jugs of coffee, seeking that necessary boost between a third problem set and the 100 pages of “Das Kapital” due. But only last week did I notice the sign that sits above our caffeine crocks — it reads “Equal Exchange.” Curiosity led »

Graver: Superiority complex

January 12, 2011 • 16
Many of my friends are often horrified by articles I send them from the Wall Street Journal — but rarely is the feeling mutual. This weekend a friend of mine, baffled and furious, sent me a link of an essay entitled “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior.” I would not normally take it upon myself to »

Graver: The Four Loko precedent

November 18, 2010 • 25
Earlier this week, as I was checking my Facebook, I noticed a startling number of distressed status updates coming from many of my high school friends. At first, I was confused by the ambiguous cries of despair, but with a little further investigation, I discovered the cause of the widespread anguish — Four Loko was »

Graver: End the death penalty

November 1, 2010 • 1080
Three years ago, on the morning of July 7, Steven J. Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky fled the home of the Petit family in Cheshire, Conn. As the police forcibly apprehended the two men, flames rose in the background; the Petit family’s house began to burn. Once the fire was eventually contained, police discovered inside Dr. »

Graver: Keep Uncle Sam out of the classroom

October 13, 2010 • 34
As Yale students, we all have at least one thing in common. No — it’s not a superiority complex, a fledgling caffeine addiction or an affinity for College Wine. It’s the fact that we all have gone to high school, or at least have some form of equivalent schooling. As Winston Churchill wrote, “A universal »