Student athletes lose in the Madness

April 16, 2004
As another exciting NCAA Tournament came to a dramatic close two weeks ago, it seemed clear who the winners and losers were. If you followed the tournament on TV or in the papers, you heard the exciting story of UConn coming from behind to defeat Duke in the Final Four and how the stars of »

Panel examines Iraq’s future

April 23, 2003
Professors discussed the future of Iraq’s political and religious institutions at a Tuesday panel on post-war Iraq. Organized by the Council on Middle Eastern Studies, the panel focused on the currently volatile situation in the country, including the destruction and looting of museums and libraries, the reaction of the Shiite majority after the removal of »

Healey agrees to back ‘nigger’ resolution

April 15, 2003
Some of the controversy over Ward 23 Alderman Yusuf I. Shah’s proposed resolution to discourage the use of the word “nigger” has settled. In a press conference Monday, Shah and Ward 1 Alderman Ben Healey ’04, who was the only member of the board to vote against the resolution, announced that they had reached an »

Firefighters recall WTC experiences

March 27, 2003
Yale students at a Wednesday Calhoun College Master’s Tea heard two heroes from the New York Fire Department — Paul Iannizzotto and Michael Gomez — speak about their experiences in the rescue and recovery work during and following the World Trade Center terror attacks. Iannizzotto, who has served in the FDNY for 13 years, was »

Five Yalies awarded Gates Scholarships

February 26, 2003
Four Yale students and an alumnus claimed five of the 42 Gates Scholarships offered to American students this year. Chiraag Bains ’03, Zachary Clopton ’03, Aaron Gruber ’03, Elizabeth O’Connor ’03 and Andrea Pizziconi ’01 will all study at the University of Cambridge next year. The scholarship, which is approximately $32,000 per year, gives students »

Lit mag offers Romance to Yale

February 12, 2003
While Yale boasts a number of undergraduate publications, none have catered to those interested in foreign language literature. Now, ROM — a new Romance language literary magazine — will fill that void. ROM will accept literary works in all Romance languages but will specifically focus on four — Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. The magazine »

Are you for God, for Country, and for Yale?

February 11, 2003
There was something disturbing about the protest against a possible war in Iraq, the “die-in” where Yale students pretended to be dead in the War Memorial in the Woolsey Rotunda. I was disturbed not because of the message of the protest — I firmly believe that everyone has the right to express their views on »

Red Hot Poker looks for niche in Yale comedy

February 4, 2003
Those who noticed flyers for “Free Porn on the Yale Server” last week and subsequently visited the advertised Web site may have been disappointed. Instead of pornography, the site displayed something tamer — an introduction to Yale’s newest sketch comedy group, Red Hot Poker. The idea to start a new group at Yale originated during »