Santos opens dog lab

Dog is man’s best friend, and perhaps even his best research subject.


New effort to improve mental health begins

Yale administrators wrote that they will be following up on report recommendations like making revamping the Mental Health & Counseling website to make information more accessible.


Food poisoning linked to seafood

A slew of students found themselves suffering from upset stomachs, vomiting and diarrhea in the days following Saturday’s holiday dinners


FES students warn of warming Olympics

In February, students from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies will warn the world that the winter Olympics may someday be an event of the past.


World AIDS Week on campus

In honor of World AIDS Week, groups across campus have planned events from Dec. 2-6.


New program to promote health entrepreneurship

InnovateHealth Yale, or IHY, is slated to become the first health enterprise program on campus.


School of Public Health announces commencement speaker

Dean of the School of Public Health Paul Cleary, announced the decision this week, describing Richards as “a recognized leader and advocate for women’s health and reproductive rights.”


Mental health dialogue continues at forum

The YCC hosted a forum on Saturday afternoon to bring together mental health and well-being organizations on campus.


States of Mind


Yale alum to be next Surgeon General

An advocate of Obama’s signature health care law before it passed the House and Senate, Murthy is currently a doctor at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and teaches at Harvard Medical School.


Mental health coverage expands in state

Connecticut residents with private insurance will soon find their plans offering coverage for mental health and substance abuse comparable to medical coverage.


Food studies may be offered in spring

A food studies program may be offered in the spring semester, according to three Yale faculty members interviewed.