New program to promote health entrepreneurship

November 21, 2013 • 0
InnovateHealth Yale, or IHY, is slated to become the first health enterprise program on campus.

Mental health dialogue continues at forum

November 18, 2013 • 0
The YCC hosted a forum on Saturday afternoon to bring together mental health and well-being organizations on campus.

Mental health coverage expands in state

November 15, 2013 • 0
Connecticut residents with private insurance will soon find their plans offering coverage for mental health and substance abuse comparable to medical coverage.

Food studies may be offered in spring

November 7, 2013 • 0
A food studies program may be offered in the spring semester, according to three Yale faculty members interviewed.
The University’s Office of Sustainability unveiled new environmental goals
for 2013–’16 to the Yale community on Thursday.

Sustainability plan launched

October 31, 2013 • 0
University President Peter Salovey and members of the Yale sustainability community gathered to launch the 2013–2016 Sustainability Strategic Plan Wednesday.

University announces three-year sustainability plan

October 29, 2013 • 0
After meeting nearly all the goals in Yale’s 2010–2013 sustainability plan, the University has embarked on a new leg of its initiative to reduce its environmental impact.

Yale first to offer MBA/MPH in 22 months

October 28, 2013 • 0
With the announcement Wednesday of the new 22-month joint degree MBA/MPH program from SOM and YSPH, the University is the first in the nation to offer the degree in such a short amount of time.

Partnership to encourage HIV/AIDS research

October 22, 2013 • 0
The Yale School of Public Health has formalized a 16-year-old partnership with Saint Petersburg State University in Russia to help combat HIV/AIDS. On October 11th, the universities agreed to create a new behavioral health research center based in St. Petersburg that will produce research on HIV/AIDS public health interventions. The two Universities have collaborated since »
Increasing budget cuts have forced researchers to find alternative funding for their projects.

Scientists experiment with crowdsourcing

October 18, 2013 • 0
As grants from federal organizations become increasingly difficult to secure, researchers at Yale and across the nation are turning to a new source of support: the public.

YCC, grad students release mental health reports

October 15, 2013 • 0
In an effort to spark a conversation between students and administrators about mental health at Yale, the Yale College Council released a 41-page report this weekend.
New research from the Yale School of Medicine exposes differences in the ways natural and artificial sweeteners
affect the dopamine reward system in the brain.

Brain recognizes sugar, artificial sweeteners

October 1, 2013 • 0
Not only can the brain can distinguish artificial sweeteners from sugar, but the body over time will display a strong preference for the latter, researchers from the Yale School of Medicine and John B. Pierce Laboratory have found.
In assessing global health contributions, UAEM ranked Yale 29th out of the 54 universities it evaluated.

With controversial report card, debate over Yale’s global health efforts

April 19, 2013 • 0
Yale is used to scoring high on rankings, but the University’s place on a global health impact report card fell far below expectations.