Lee: McCain once backed stem cell research. And now?

November 4, 2008
John McCain once stood in strong support of human embryonic stem cell research. But his recent actions and ambivalent statements indicate he might not be a big fan anymore. This should be alarming to supporters of human embryonic stem cell research and begs the question: Does McCain the presidential candidate still feel the way he »

Lee: Public stem cell funding would aid U.S. market

September 29, 2008
Human embryonic stem (ES) cell research will revolutionize how myriad diseases are treated, but it would also have huge ramifications for the trillion-dollar healthcare industry. However, for the past seven years, the progress of human ES cell research in America has been stifled because of the restrictions that have been placed on how public funding »

Obesity: an epidemic of huge proportions

September 28, 2007
Obesity is an epidemic that affects more Americans than tobacco smoking, alcoholism and poverty combined. This is an alarming fact that is often not realized by many Americans. The total annual cost America’s obesity problem will exceed $100 billion this year, with a good chunk being used on obesity drugs and diets. While these drugs »

Stem cell advances should spur study

September 18, 2007
Imagine a world where diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cancer can be cured or even eradicated thanks to the miracles of scientific research. Imagine in the same world that paraplegics are treated such that they are able to walk once again. Recent groundbreaking research has shown that human embryonic stem cells may be the key »