Claims of xenophobia have been overstated

April 8, 2007
Three Yale students are arrested for various charges stemming from the burning of an American flag, and somehow Daniel Weisfield uses this event as the perfect opportunity to bash America’s foreign policy, judicial system, and supposedly rampant xenophobia (“Arson trial shouldn’t involve outside issues,” 4/4). The News, in a similar fashion, screams of rampant xenophobia, »

Immigration bill will help ease concerns

April 20, 2006
Am I the only one around here who gives a s– about the rules?” That question was posed by John Goodman in “The Big Lebowski,” and I have to ask the same thing of the hundreds of thousands of protesters across the country clamoring about the proposed illegal-immigration reform bill currently being debated in Congress. »

U.S. marriage laws perform crucial function

March 22, 2006
In his column on gay marriage, Aaron Margolis — in a typically far-left, unproductive fashion — misconstrues the issue with his final assertion that “true love, no matter whom it’s between, is moral” (“Love trumps politics in ongoing marriage debate,” 3/21). Before we fire up a fresh chorus of “Kumbaya,” let’s take a step back »