Siu: AASA fails to meet its mission

February 11, 2009 • 12
Last week I received some interesting news from the Asian American Students Alliance (AASA). “AASA Serious Fact,” the newsletter read. “9.8% Poverty rate for Asian Americans in 2004. The overall rate is 12.5%.” There we have it. We can all go home. Asians have reached socioeconomic equality with the rest of America. Except AASA is »

Alumnus wins Nobel Prize in economics

October 12, 2006 • 0
When the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences told Edmund Phelps GRD ’59 on Monday that he would receive this year’s Nobel Prize in economics, a huge weight dropped off his shoulders. “I had a mystical feeling that this just might be the year,” he said. “The alignment of the heavens was right.” Phelps, an economics »

Program gives intro to Elm City

September 11, 2006 • 0
Hundreds of newly-arrived students explored New Haven last Saturday as part of Yale’s annual CityScape orientation program. Sponsored by Yale’s Office of New Haven and State Affairs, CityScape provides Yale College freshmen and first-year graduate and professional school students with an introduction to the city they now call home. Approximately 375 people attended the event, »