Pioneer in virology passes away

February 17, 2005
When Dale Herbeck was in college and was “hot for a girl,” he would make her a mixed tape using his collection of tapes and records. Today, Herbeck can download music from the Internet and burn CDs for the target of his affection. “Boom! You can have the songs you want, the quality you want,” »

Teenage mothers strive for balance

February 4, 2005
One toddler sat quietly in a chair, still wide-eyed from her afternoon nap. Another patiently let a daycare worker change her diaper. Teyonna, 21 months old, followed along as her mother, Jasmine Langley, read aloud from a picture book. “We have three meals a day,” Langley read as she sat in the Blue Room at »

Geophysics prof nets honor

January 28, 2005
Professor of geology and geophysics Steven Sherwood resembles Indiana Jones in the photograph on his Web site: he wears a cowboy hat, a strap-on canteen, a five o’clock shadow and a charming half-smile. John Williams ’05, who has taken two classes with Sherwood, was surprised when he saw the picture. “I imagined him working at »

Registrar makes room at Yale

January 13, 2005
Deputy Registrar Diane Rodrigues inherited a list from her predecessor matching veteran professors with their preferred classrooms: economics professor William Nordhaus likes the Law School Auditorium, Graduate School Dean and history professor Jon Butler — “a VIP” — requests William L. Harkness Hall 119, and English professor Harold Bloom insists on teaching in WLH 203. »

Diverse paths await Wilbur Cross grads

December 1, 2004
Kevin McMahon, an admissions counselor at Sacred Heart University in Connecticut, distributed a brochure to 12 students in the library of Wilbur Cross High School. At one table, students read the brochure and raised their hands to ask questions: Can we have a car? How many years does it take to be a vet? Students »

Students anxiously watch votes come in

November 3, 2004
Bush fans turned off their televisions Tuesday night thrilled and smug, while Kerry supporters went to bed shocked and disappointed. At two o’clock in the morning, it seemed likely that “four more years” would be more than just a slogan. The outcome was far from certain Tuesday night at dinner, when the Hall of Graduate »

At Wilbur Cross, optimism survives despite long odds

October 21, 2004
It’s 11:44 on a Friday morning, and the hallways of Wilbur Cross High School in New Haven’s East Rock neighborhood are flooded with students rushing to class. “Get inside, everybody. Let’s go!” Principal Robert Canelli shouts good-naturedly. “There’s nothing to worry about. The late bell didn’t ring yet.” The 1,468 faces in this stampede — »

Frosh cultural program lauded

September 10, 2004
The verdict was clear last night at an open forum on Cultural Connections: reactions to the orientation program that year opened its doors to white students this year, were overwhelmingly positive. The meeting was organized by Realizing Race, a group founded last year to promote dialogue about race on campus. Several students at the meeting, »

Pajama party teaches kids about health

January 21, 2004
Six children in pajamas and slippers gathered at Vincent E. Mauro Elementary School this Saturday to learn about nutrition and exercise. The event, which included sessions on eating, Pilates and kickboxing, was organized by Jene Flores — the school’s family educator — and run by Yale student volunteers. “We need to emphasize how important nutrition »

Students of Hong Kong talk, click

January 21, 2004
While the Patriot Act has come under fire in America for tampering with civil liberties, a similar piece of legislation in Hong Kong — Article 23 — was repealed this fall following mass protests by the city’s inhabitants. Article 23 was one of four topics addressed by eight New Asia College students at a symposium »

Museum festival educates on environmental issues

January 20, 2004
Sarah Clark built a pile of wooden blocks at her booth in the Peabody Museum. She removed one block, and the pile collapsed. “If each block is an endangered species, this gives you an example of how interconnected we all are,” Clark, a volunteer at the Sierra Club, said to the crowd of onlookers. Clark’s »

New buses hit local streets

January 14, 2004
Passengers riding the public bus can now climb aboard with improved ease, thanks to the deployment of 42 new Connecticut Transit buses in New Haven this month. The buses, which are blue and feature low floors and no stairs, will replace nearly half of those currently serving the area, said David Lee, general manager of »