ZUCKER: Co-opting conservative ideas

April 26, 2012
If idealism reaches its peak in college, then it is especially easy to unconditionally accept liberal values at Yale. In academics, politics and service, we live in a liberal echo chamber, with little incentive to self-critique. But four years here have taught me the value of five ideas that liberals at Yale — and everywhere »

Cole, Friedmann, Zucker: The truth behind the Fast

Over the past two weeks, we sat in your dining halls, knocked on your doors, and delivered you neon stickers. We recruited you as students, as residential college members, as New Haven residents. And, again and again, we asked you a question: “Have you signed up for the YHHAP Fast?” It is an $11,000 question. »

Zucker: Not panhandling by choice

February 23, 2010
As one of the directors of the Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project, I probably pay more attention than most when the issue of homelessness comes up in the News. So I’ve noticed the amount of coverage Saybrook sophomore Jerry Choinski has received for starting the Facebook group “Yale Undergrads against the (fake) New Haven »

Zucker: To keep our homeless off the streets

October 23, 2009
If I had my way, I would close the emergency homeless shelters in New Haven. I would close the shelters not because of the portion of homeless who find the system demeaning or because shelter-based life can be unsustainable. I would close the emergency shelters because we, as a city, can and should give the »