SOM students start families

January 27, 2003 • 0
Laila Khan SOM ’03 and Ming Wei SOM ’03 are typical students at the Yale School of Management — a full course workload fills their week with classes, appointments and study. But this past semester, they learned to manage even greater demands on their time. Both women gave birth to baby boys: Zaman Khan and »

Profs examine U.S. options in Iraq war

January 23, 2003 • 0
As the Bush administration tries to galvanize an ambivalent American public and convince the international community that war with Iraq may be necessary, Yale professors said they are contemplating America’s potential moves. In the current Iraq imbroglio, motives, justifications and even allies seem difficult to discern. Yet among students and faculty at Yale, caution seems »

SOM professors find benefits in globalization

January 15, 2003 • 1
When Arturo Bris and Christos Cabolis — fellows at the Yale School of Management International Center for Finance — set out to discover how international mergers affect foreign and domestic industries, they expected to confirm their suspicions that globalization shortchanges developing countries when foreigners acquire their companies. But what they found defied their expectations — »

Donaldson ’53 likely to chair SEC

December 11, 2002 • 1
President George W. Bush ’68 nominated William Donaldson ’53, founding dean of the Yale School of Management, for chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission Tuesday. The SEC is entrusted with protecting investors, maintaining the integrity of U.S. securities markets, and reporting any financial infractions. Donaldson’s appointment comes on the heels of former SEC chairman »

Environment school nets $2 million

December 4, 2002 • 0
A father-son pair of executives at General Cigar Co., Inc. — Edgar Cullman, Sr. ’40 and Edgar Cullman, Jr. ’68 — have donated $2 million to the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. The money is earmarked to support teaching in Yale College and the environmental studies major, Cullman, Jr. said. The bulk of the »

SOM to hold competition for non-profits

November 19, 2002 • 0
Because nonprofit organizations work toward philanthropic rather than fiscal ends, they sometimes lack the business prowess necessary to stay afloat and maximize their impact, School of Management professors said. To help nonprofits glean this business expertise and generate revenue to further their causes, the SOM is holding a business plan competition. The contest will award »

SOM women’s summit lures top executives

November 18, 2002 • 0
NEW YORK — A man might have felt intimidated at the Yale School of Management’s Women’s Summit, which featured over 300 successful women. At the SOM’s second Women’s Summit at the Yale Club of New York City on Nov. 14, eight panelists discussed their personal struggles and successes as well as issues women face when »

Kaplan criticizes CDC’s smallpox prevention plan

November 14, 2002 • 1
As the White House considers the Center for Disease Control’s proposal for smallpox prevention and control, Yale School of Management professor Edward Kaplan has joined other critics in asking the Bush administration to revise the CDC’s plan. Kaplan said the CDC’s proposal to prevent and control an outbreak of smallpox would prove “inefficient and ineffective” »

Forestry dean wins Blue Planet Prize

November 6, 2002 • 1
Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies Dean Gustave Speth remembers growing up in rural South Carolina, casting his fishing line into the dark waters of the Edisto River and hunting through the mossy woodlands of Orangeburg County. When Speth accepts the prestigious Blue Planet Prize in Tokyo next week, he will be honored for »

Silver scholars adjust to life at SOM

November 4, 2002 • 0
The majority of Yale School of Management students have a couple of years of business experience under their belts, but at least eight students have never analyzed earnings statements or consulted investors. To strengthen ties with Yale College, the SOM inaugurated its Silver Scholars program last year, picking eight recent Yale College graduates to join »

Professors propose e-mail postage

October 30, 2002 • 0
Internet users know about spam: electronic ads for Viagra, breast enlargement, pornography and weight-loss programs snuggled in e-mail inboxes between letters from mom and dad. Some e-mail users roll their eyes and delete them. But to School of Management professor Shyam Sunder, these unsolicited ads do more than annoy people — they waste time and »

Yale limits use of Kazaa, other clients

October 15, 2002 • 0
Two years after Yale banned the use of Napster, the University has taken steps to discourage student use of new file-sharing programs. Information Technology Service Director Philip Long said the University has already implemented measures to limit and trace students’ use of Kazaa, a popular file-sharing program used to download music and movies. Yale does »