Whoops! Israel killed 1,110 Lebanese people

September 8, 2006
In “Conflicting clash styles fuel Mideast war” (9/6), Noah Lawrence justifies and excuses Israel’s killing of at least 1,110 Lebanese, most of them civilians. He acquits Israel of its war crimes and its historical violations of human rights both in Lebanon and Palestine. Moreover, he leads readers to believe that Israel’s military has pulled out »

International law key in Middle East conflict

April 11, 2005
In Daniel Hoffman’s recent opinion article, “Middle East peace doesn’t arise in a vacuum” (4/6), the author explores “the lack of understanding” in the peace process by offering a critique of a recent lecture by Palestinian political activist Hanan Ashrawi titled “Palestine, Peace, and Democracy: The Road Ahead.” Though his goals are commendable, Hoffman undermines »