The Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale includes an art collection of over 700 pieces that are intended to promote healing, comfort and relief.

At Smilow, healing through art

April 10, 2013
The Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale treats its patients through more than just clinicians and medical equipment — it also heals them through its artwork.
All 23 students in professor Joseph Roach’s seminar will participate in a production of “Rich- ard III,” opening tonight at the Whitney Humanities Center.

The power of seduction in ‘Richard III’

April 5, 2013
Though Shakespearean plays often depict the concept of power through military and political conflicts, students in theater studies and English professor Joseph Roach’s seminar are aiming to emphasize the power of seduction in their upcoming performance.

Filmmaker puts New Haven on screen

March 27, 2013
Though his work has been shown at many film festivals around the world, filmmaker Stephen Dest kept his cameras focused on the buildings and streets of New Haven to produce his latest project.

Movement as communication in ‘The Void’

February 21, 2013
A new play this weekend explores how movement can fill the communication gaps left by speech.

Symposium reflects on Berlin’s architecture

February 18, 2013
Architects, historians and critics convened in Rudolph Hall this weekend to discuss the political and historical significance of Berlin architecture, past and present.

Pianist Emanuel Ax returns to Yale

February 6, 2013
While many musicians from around the world are dreaming of winning their first Grammy this Sunday, such an achievement is but a memory for Emanuel Ax.

Kersels talks performance through sculpture

January 30, 2013
While most art galleries place security sensors on their sculptures, School of Art professor Martin Kersels’s exhibitions have served as stages for singers, dancers and even DJs.

Undergrad to build treehouse

January 22, 2013
By the end of the semester, Yale students can explore Yale’s extensive forests from their very own treehouse.
As the majority of Yale students crank out papers in the library, members of Yale Children’s Theater are focusing their energies on bringing engaging theater to New Haven youth.

Guppies swim into Dwight Hall

December 5, 2012
Members of Yale Children’s Theater are focusing their energies on bringing engaging theater to New Haven youth.
AIDS Project New Haven works to provide food, therapeutic treatments and financial assistance to citizens from the greater New Haven area who suffer from HIV/AIDS.

AIDS Project New Haven to receive increased funding

December 4, 2012
Although state funding for HIV prevention has decreased over the past year, AIDS Project New Haven received a state grant in June for its prevention and outreach work.

Diamond planet far, far away

October 23, 2012
Researchers have discovered a diamond planet 40 light years away from our solar system. Led by postdoctoral fellow Nikku Madhusudhan of the Yale Physics Department, the research team has proposed that the planet 55 Cancri e has a carbon-based composition containing an outer layer of diamond that composes roughly a third of the planet’s mass. »

Frazier depicts hometown

October 18, 2012
Though her work has been displayed in venues as far away as South Korea, documentary filmmaker and photographer LaToya Ruby Frazier’s art has always remained focused on her hometown of Braddock, Penn. Frazier spoke to an audience of roughly 30 at the School of Art Wednesday afternoon, delivering a narrative of her life followed by »