To stem tailgate rules, exercise moderation

November 7, 2005 • 0
I realize I’m not actually old enough to be nostalgic, but I am. I’m nostalgic for a time when Yale administrators weren’t concerned with making laundry lists of rules for tailgating and partying during the weekend of the Game. But despite my wish to see Branford’s courtyard packed and tipsy girls perched precariously atop the »

Swapping plans for passions

September 28, 2005 • 0
Louise Story’s Sept. 20 New York Times article “Many Women at Elite Colleges Set Career Path to Motherhood” has sparked quite the debate on campus about the divide between motherhood and having a career. It is a debate that is unlikely to die down anytime soon, and I certainly do not discount the importance of »

Fight date rape with a change in attitude

September 7, 2005 • 0
For the past two years, incoming freshmen have been required to attend a new orientation session called “Sex Signals.” Billed as a dating show, “Sex Signals” uses a blend of improvisational comedy, sketch humor and audience participation to explore the good, bad and ugly sides of the college dating scene. Two professionally trained actors who »

Current tack doesn’t cut it in Iraq

November 15, 2004 • 0
In these past few days, I have let my reading for class slide as I become more and more engrossed by current events. For the first time in months, the situation in Iraq is looking up. The insurgent stronghold of Fallujah looks like it will fall shortly, placing a strategic city into the hands of »