Yale-NUS plans first admissions cycle

September 22, 2011
Although Yale-NUS College will not open its doors until August 2013, students will begin applying to the school this winter. The liberal arts college in Singapore that Yale and the National University of Singapore have founded together will hold an inaugural round of admissions this winter and spring, in which the school will accept a »

UP CLOSE | Playing catch-up: Building a science culture

September 13, 2011
Last winter, Brandon Sim was a high school senior waiting to hear back from the schools he hoped one day to attend. By the time February rolled around, he had received two pieces of good news from one of these schools: Yale. First he received a “likely letter” indicating his probable admission, and then an »

Gender ratio flips for 2015

September 5, 2011
Despite the recent media buzz surrounding sexual culture at Yale and a majority-male freshman class, freshmen women interviewed said they doubt the University is significantly different from its peers. The class of 2015 is 51 percent male — a 3 percent increase from last year’s freshman class ­— but administrators and admissions experts said such »
CIPE was created in conjunction with UCS, Office of Fellowship Programs, Study Abroad and CIE.

New office hosts career planning, travel

September 1, 2011
Once, students who got off the elevator on the third floor of 55 Whitney Ave. were faced with a maze of hallways leading to different offices, but now they all stop at the same desk. This August, Yale College administrators launched the Center for International and Professional Experience, an umbrella organization that encompasses Undergraduate Career »
The overall yield rate decreased 1.8%, a greater magnitude than the previous year.

Yield rate falls again for class of 2015

August 31, 2011
As the class of 2015 settles into life at Yale, 722 of the students Yale admitted have chosen to go somewhere other than New Haven. Of the 2,073 students who were accepted to Yale this year and started college this fall, 1,351 chose to become Bulldogs — a 65.2 percent yield for the class of »

Financial aid budget up by 10 percent

April 27, 2011
Though the percentage of the incoming freshman class that plans to apply for financial aid did not increase over last year, Yale still expects to spend $9 million more on aid next year. Yale College’s projected financial aid budget for the 2011-’12 academic year is $117 million — up by 8.3 percent from $108 million »

Fulbrights awarded to six Yalies

April 25, 2011
Six members of the class of 2011 have won Fulbright scholarships so far, but the award season is far from over. Steven Feis ’11, Patrick Lee ’11, Yaron Schwartz ’11, Andrea Sohn ’11, Helen Tsykynovska ’11 and Paul Wainer ’11 have been notified that they have won Fulbright scholarships, which are one-year research and travel »
Of 17 prospective students interviewed, only two said that the Title IX investigation will influence their decision.

Bulldog Days prefrosh overlook Title IX

April 18, 2011
A federal investigation into whether the University failed to provide equal opportunities to men and women has not impacted prospective students’ decision about matriculating at Yale. Of 17 prospective students interviewed during Bulldog Days, the University’s three-day event to welcome admitted students, only two said the investigation into Yale’s alleged violations of Title IX legislation »
Potential members of the class of 2015 were welcomed to Yale Wednesday for Bulldog Days.

Bulldog Days woos prefrosh

April 14, 2011
The Wednesday rain could not stop the annual flood of excited prefrosh that filled Old Campus Wednesday. Bulldog Days, the University’s three-day event to welcome admitted students, runs Wednesday through Friday. The admissions office made several changes to the event’s schedule this year, including adding new panels and showcases, said Liz Kinsley ’05, associate director »

Admissions promotes Yale abroad

April 8, 2011
International students considering Yale face a unique range obstacles in applying, but University admissions representatives said they are having increasing success in portraying it as a tangible option. Admissions officer said they travel to every corner of the globe to encourage top students to think of Yale as a possibility, and to tell them about »
Now that Yale has admitted students for the class of 2015, the Office of Undergradaute Admissions has begun to reach out to applicants to help educate them about Yale.

Admissions office reaches out to 2015

April 6, 2011
As 1,245 of Yale’s applicants celebrated their regular-decision admission last week, admissions officers were already gearing up for a frenzied period of outreach. The admssions office will use phone calls, emails, mailings and even instant-messaging chats this month to provide its admits with a personalized account of Yale life as they decide where to matriculate. »

Class of 2015 admit rate lowest ever

March 31, 2011
In line with its peer institutions, Yale’s admission rate dropped this year — from 7.5 percent in the last admissions cycle to 7.35 percent this year. Yale is making a total of 2,006 offers of admission to the record 27,282 students who applied this year, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Jeffrey Brenzel said. Yale’s target class »