Singing hopefuls improvise for rush meals

September 16, 2003
At 6 p.m., the height of the dinner rush, the Broadway restaurant strip is the place to see and be seen — especially for the a cappella community. Last Tuesday, inside a packed Au Bon Pain, where the line just to pick up orders is over 20 students long, four girls sporting identical Something Extra »

Administrators ‘AIM’ to communicate better

April 22, 2003
The door squeaks. Your residential college dean “has entered.” Years ago, AOL Instant Messenger revolutionized communication and procrastination for students across the nation. But now, even administrators working from within Yale’s gothic towers are beginning to recognize the technology’s convenience. “Sometimes I need to call the registrar’s office and if the line’s busy I can »

Avoiding Yale’s graveyard of failed publications

April 7, 2003
In a corner of Sterling Memorial Library, through two sets of double doors and behind the rattling glass, a few dusty bookshelves hold a history of student publishing ambition. There, the small, white, unassuming first issue of The Yale Journal of Pretentious Free-Association (Editor in Chief: Mumblequatch Anuspladdy) rests on the third issue of Portia: »

This time, a different campus reaction to war

April 1, 2003
As bombs fell in Iraq and dusk fell on New Haven on Jan. 19, 1991, students congregated on Beinecke Plaza to express their outrage over the U.S. bombing campaign in Iraq. A smaller group of students, including Simone Albeck ’93, formed a semicircle around a microphone, taking turns addressing the crowd. “I said I was »

Popularity of dance exceeds resources

February 28, 2003
After two nights of performances in the space she spent a week painstakingly preparing, Camele-Ann White ’03 went to bed happy. But early the next morning, with two performances scheduled for that evening, she rolled out of bed to help another group take over her stage. Between the Friday and Saturday night performances of the »

With new activism, a rise on the right

February 17, 2003
When she first stepped onto campus, Jennifer Barnes ’06 was bombarded with evidence of political activism. During her first three months at Yale, hundreds of students protested the “don’t ask, don’t tell,” policy of the U.S. military; made the trek to anti-war protests in New York and Washington, D.C.; or were arrested when Yale’s unions »

Presidency beckons for a Yale prankster

January 27, 2003
Howard Dean ’71 wants to be the next president. But before he served five terms as governor of Vermont, before he began practicing medicine, and before he abadoned his career on Wall Street, Dean was “The Walrus.” At least, that was what he told his Yale classmates when the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour was released »

Studying women and gender

November 19, 2002
In 1969, when women were first admitted to Yale College, the administration was concerned they would distract men from their studies. Ten years later, in the fall of 1979, students had the opportunity to make women the focus of their studies. That fall, students returned to campus with the newly inaugurated Women’s Studies Program. Amid »

Yalies join thousands protesting for peace

October 28, 2002
WASHINGTON — When her bus arrived in Washington, D.C., at 8 a.m. Saturday, Anne Abrams headed straight for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. She paced off the steps from one end to the other. She knelt down and read the cards placed at the base of the wall, tracing her fingers over the names engraved in »

Yale libertarian plans drastic ‘Free State Project’

October 23, 2002
Frustrated by the Libertarian Party’s failure to make progress nationally, Jason Sorens GRD ’04 decided the best course of action would be to take over Wyoming. Or maybe Alaska. The plan, which Sorens calls “The Free State Project,” is ambitious. It calls for moving 20,000 people — including the one additional Yalie who has signed »

With Roberts, Hollywood comes to Yale

October 15, 2002
It’s official — Yale’s gone Hollywood. On Nov. 1, actress Julia Roberts, along with co-stars Kirsten Dunst and Julia Stiles, will arrive on campus to film scenes for their upcoming movie, “Mona Lisa Smile.” With major stars, the film may break a recent string of unsuccessful Yale-themed movies — the box-office disaster “The Skulls,” the »

Less is more in new introductory physics course

October 10, 2002
When students showed up last year for the first day of “Modern Physical Measurement” — the introductory physics lab course — they were asked to perform an experiment on geometrical optics. Every week thereafter, they had to write full lab reports, often in addition to weekly assignments on error analysis. But students enrolled in this »