CHRYSTAL: Stocking up for the siege

March 8, 2013
Spring break is a great excuse for serious eating, and more than a dash of self-indulgence. Don’t let the opportunity pass.

CHRYSTAL: Small potatoes

February 28, 2013
It is time to come out and say it: I am writing my senior thesis about potatoes.

CHRYSTAL: Will work for food

November 29, 2012
Let’s face it: the job search is a bit surreal.

CHRYSTAL: Eat this class

November 9, 2012
Not long ago, one of my friends confessed to me that she had subsisted almost entirely off of goat cheese and Wheat Thins while living in Washington, D.C., this summer. “What, your job didn’t even give you time to eat?!” I exclaimed, imagining workaholic colleagues refusing to leave their desks even for a quick sandwich. »

CHRYSTAL: Lessons from cooking school

September 10, 2012
The reactions became relatively predictable: a chirpy “Oh, that’s so nice!” accompanied by a pat on my head. A gushing “My, how fun that must be for you!” followed by a story about how the speaker just loves watching cooking shows on TV. This summer, I was a culinary student at the famous Cordon Bleu »

CHRYSTAL: Bleu, blanc, concours

December 1, 2011
Even on Sundays, the lines to get into the Beaubourg library stretch nearly two hours long now. Crowds of students, laden with heavy backpacks and smoking cigarettes (this is France, after all), look out of place amid the crowds of tourists streaming through Paris’ city center. Why the sudden surge in studying? Many of the »

Chrystal: At mealtime, more thoughtful choices

March 30, 2011
We’ve all done it. It’s 6 p.m. in your residential college, and you’re rushing to grab a quick dinner with friends before running to section. The dining hall is packed, and since you’re starving, you grab anything to whet your appetite: a burger here, a scoop of fried rice there, a handful of carrots, and »