Gray, Bildner, Douglas and White: Help the environment by enjoying it

In 1917 a Yale geology professor enthused that “the Green Mountains end in West Rock in New Haven, the White Mountains in East Rock. All trails lead to Yale!” He may have been wrong on the geology, but he was right about Yale’s connection to the land. For over a century and a half, Yale »

YCC Vice President: Russell pushes involvement in councils

April 20, 2007 • 0
Name: Ryan Russell College: Calhoun Year: 2009 Hometown: Newhall, Calif. Major: Economics This year, Ryan Russell ’09 hasn’t been too happy with the YCC. First, Russell said, the YCC “dragged its feet” on starting up the Sophomore Class Council, of which he is president. Then, Russell said, YCC members questioned the SCC’s effectiveness in a »

The naked truth: Inside Catwalk club

April 10, 2007 • 0
For Dan and Phil, former high school buddies now living in different cities, East Street’s Catwalk club provides an ideal setting for a quiet reunion. They can bring their own booze. The music, though loud, isn’t deafening. And yes, there are naked women. Make no mistake: Catwalk — recently recognized as the city’s top adult »

Narratives to help restore memorial

March 29, 2007 • 0
Two years ago, America’s first Holocaust memorial built on public land — located on the corner of Whalley and West Park avenues — was falling apart and nearly forgotten. After three decades of exposure to New England weather, the monument’s metal had begun to rust and peel, and the site’s cobblestone base, evocative of Old »

DiNardo lauds work of Yale Dems

February 27, 2007 • 0
“You made a difference this year,” the head of Connecticut’s Democratic Committee Nancy DiNardo told the Yale College Democrats on Monday night. DiNardo, speaking to an audience of 19 students at the group’s weekly meeting, praised the College Democrats for focusing on local issues in addition to national politics. DiNardo said the work of Yale »

Residents bond over social knitting

February 23, 2007 • 0
When Jennifer Wang first moved to Connecticut, she had no friends. Then she started knitting. “I felt like such a loser, I didn’t know anyone here,” Wang said. “This is how I met new people.” Grandmas, beware — knitting has moved beyond the rocking chair. More and more, in New Haven and cities throughout the »

State may require coverage of testing

February 20, 2007 • 0
Proposed bill number 673 is a lesson in civics, and the ability of ordinary citizens to set the agenda of the state’s governing body. A few months ago, State Senator Mary Ann Hadley (D-4) received a letter from a constituent in the mail. In the letter, a Glastonbury, Conn. couple urged Handley to introduce a »

City aids high-risk residents

January 31, 2007 • 0
A new public safety initiative will bring outreach workers to New Haven’s streets in an effort to aid at-risk children and young adults, New Haven Police Department officials announced Tuesday night at a Board of Aldermen Public Safety Committee meeting. The Street Outreach Workers Program — one of the first of its kind nationwide — »

Ninth Sq. sees new growth

January 25, 2007 • 0
After decades of dormancy, downtown New Haven’s Ninth Square is pulsing once again with the signs of development. Last Saturday, demolition crews imploded the Veterans’ Memorial Coliseum — for years a New Haven landmark — to make space for a $230 million project that will feature a community college and a theater. A block over, »

Warm days leave retail stores cold

January 17, 2007 • 0
While some Yalies are likely mourning the recent bout of cold weather, local retailers are hoping to see their sales warm up now that winter is here in earnest. Across the Northeast, a balmy winter has left clothing stores with racks full of heavy jackets and cold weather accessories. On Jan. 6, the mercury in »

Alderman Lemar aims to change city

December 6, 2006 • 0
At age 30, Roland Lemar has never been the single-career type of guy. In his seven years in the job market, he’s worked as a city planner, press secretary, political aide, environmental advocate and even as a writer for “The Daily Show.” Now it’s been just under a month since he picked up his latest »

Debaters take top contests

November 27, 2006 • 0
As a resurgent Bulldog football squad downed Harvard in Cambridge, across the Atlantic Yale debaters became the first Americans — and the first Elis — to win two of the international debate community’s most prestigious tournaments. Rising to the top of a field of nearly 200 debaters, Dylan Gadek ’07 and Josh Bone ’08 captured »