Tight budget prompts city to cut 177 jobs

January 23, 2003
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Citing Connecticut budget cuts that have reduced New Haven’s state aid package by $2.6 million, New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr. announced Wednesday that the city will eliminate 177 jobs from its payroll. Seventy-nine full-time city employees — 12 of whom are employed »

Mourners remember crash victims

January 22, 2003
Hundreds of friends, family members and neighbors gathered at funeral services in Massachusetts and New York Tuesday to remember and mourn two of the four Yale students killed in an automobile accident last week. Sophomore Andrew Dwyer, 20; sophomore Nicholas Grass, 19; sophomore Kyle Burnat, 19; and junior Sean Fenton, 20, died this weekend following »

Class of ’57 boosts music in public schools

January 13, 2003
Malcolm Mitchell graduated from Yale nearly 50 years ago, but he wouldn’t be surprised to hear that his alma mater is now home to an opera company, a good number of chamber orchestras, and more student-run a cappella groups than at any other American university. That is because Mitchell ’57 knows music has a special »

Students gather for speakout in Woolsey rotunda

November 21, 2002
They belonged to groups ranging from the Yale Coalition for Peace to the Yale Political Union, but the 45 students forming a large circle in the Woolsey Hall rotunda Wednesday night all said they had one thing in common: They wanted to speak, and they wanted someone to listen. At Wednesday night’s informal speakout, the »

Aldermen call for end to arrest power

November 19, 2002
The New Haven Board of Aldermen narrowly passed a resolution Monday night recommending that the arrest-making powers of Yale-New Haven Hospital security officers be revoked. The resolution was drafted in response to the September arrests of union supporters — six Yale employees and two graduate students — who were leafleting on the hospital’s grounds. Carried »

Sen. Clinton remembers Solnit at memorial

November 11, 2002
A memorial service for child psychiatry pioneer Albert Solnit — who served as director of Yale’s Child Study Center for nearly 20 years — packed Battell Chapel Saturday afternoon with students, colleagues, patients and friends, including U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Solnit, who died June 21 at the age of 82, spent more than 50 »

Cosmo editor tells it straight

November 6, 2002
Helen Gurley Brown held up a copy of Mademoiselle and read one of the cover’s teasers: “How to get the look that made Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez famous.” She glanced up toward her mostly-female, mostly-undergraduate audience in the Morse College Master’s House and rolled her eyes. Without pausing, she said, “Well that’s bullshit. Their »

Cost of Iraq war could total $1,600 billion, prof says

October 29, 2002
William Nordhaus hears the “drums of war” beating as the United States debates an attack on Iraq, but he would rather be listening to another sound: that of the Bush administration’s number-punching as it computes the costs of such a conflict. In a lecture Monday before an overflow crowd at Luce Hall, Nordhaus, a Sterling »

Barak denounces global terrorism

October 11, 2002
Speaking to a packed Battell Chapel Thursday, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak cautioned against concessions in the war on terrorism, describing the U.S.-led effort as “the first world war of the 21st century.” “There can be no compromise with [terrorists],” said Barak, the prime minister of Israel from 1999 to 2001. “The choice is »

Chemistry prof snags $1 million education grant

September 25, 2002
If the Barenaked Ladies had a million dollars, they’d buy you a house. But if Yale chemistry professor Alanna Schepartz had a million dollars, she’d buy you a new chemical biology course. Thanks to the Maryland-based Howard Hughes Medical Institute, or HHMI, Schepartz now has $1 million — in the form of a grant to »