Residents criticize plans for school

December 3, 2003 • 0
Upper Chapel West district residents and retailers voiced strong opposition to a plan to move a magnet arts high school to their neighborhood at a community meeting Tuesday night. The New Haven Board of Education and the school-wide construction committee have already approved the relocation, which would move the Cooperative (Co-op) Arts & Humanities Magnet »

DEMOS aims to excite students of science

November 21, 2003 • 0
Argenta Price ’06 and a group of seventh-graders are looking at the night sky. It’s a typical astronomy lesson, except for one tiny difference — she and the students aren’t actually sitting outside. And those aren’t actual stars. Instead, Price and the class of middle schoolers are staring at the ceiling of a 16-by-11, inflatable »

High school to move to Chapel

November 18, 2003 • 0
As the city moves forward with plans to relocate the Cooperative Arts & Humanities Magnet (Co-op) High School to Upper Chapel Street, local business owners and tenants are expressing concerns about the possibility of a drastically altered neighborhood. The city-wide school building committee voted Oct. 22 to relocate the Co-op High School to Chapel and »

Teen outreach camp celebrates 50

November 18, 2003 • 0
A lot can change in 50 years. When the Ulysses S. Grant Foundation, or Grant, began in 1953, it consisted of a few tie-clad Yalies teaching Latin to New Haven public school students in a small Chapel Street office. These days, the University’s oldest educational outreach program pairs 10 Yale undergraduates with 60 local middle »

Van Lieu to head acting at School of Drama

November 4, 2003 • 0
Veteran theater professional Ron Van Lieu has been appointed chair of the Department of Acting at the School of Drama. Van Lieu, who is replacing current department chairman Evan Yionoulis, will assume the post on July 4, 2004. Van Lieu spent the past 28 years as a master teacher of acting at New York University’s »

Program teaches awareness to city youth

October 30, 2003 • 0
Two weeks ago, Jessica Fei ’06 stood in front of a group of New Haven seventh-graders and asked them to jot down what came to mind when they heard the terms “China” and “Chinese-American.” Jane Bernstein ’05 watched as the students went to work — and quickly realized that the middle schoolers’ understanding of the »

Activist sheds light on gay life in Israel

October 15, 2003 • 0
Given the turbulent situation in the Middle East over the past three years, Israeli gay rights activist Hagai El-Ad says he often wonders if his cause is the most “worthwhile” one to champion. But the answer El-Ad said he came up with is that advocating gay rights in Jerusalem these days doubles as fighting for »

Chilifest chefs turn up the heat

September 22, 2003 • 0
It may not be stamp collecting, but Steve Falkowski doesn’t really think his hobby of choice is that atypical. As he put it, “Some people taste wine; others play golf. I travel around cooking chili.” It turns out Falkowski isn’t alone in his quest for that perfect mixture of meat, spices and — of course »

Sassy restaurant guide explores city’s ‘Menu’

September 5, 2003 • 0
If Robin Goldstein LAW ’02 and Clare Murumba LAW ’04 could tell the dining hall-less Yalie one thing, it would be this: Put down that third bowl of Easy Mac and move on to bigger — and better — food. Not sure where to go? They’ve got that covered, too. Breakfast: bacon, egg and cheese »

Teach-in looks at legacy of Iraq war

April 11, 2003 • 0
As the atmosphere on campus surrounding the war in Iraq became more contentious Thursday, a group of professors continued a recent series of Yale-sponsored teach-ins on the war, discussing potential repercussions in the Middle East, the United States and throughout higher education. Three of the panelists — economics professor Gustav Ranis, international studies professor Bruce »

Dinner addresses homeless issues

April 10, 2003 • 0
On the table Wednesday night in the Silliman Fellows Lounge were lasagna, black bean soup, salad — and a conversation about homelessness in New Haven. After local leaders in homeless services spoke in psychology professor Michael Rowe’s homelessness seminar Wednesday, Rowe joined a few students and an intern from the Connecticut Mental Health Center over »

Senate bill would rename Tweed after Bush ’68

January 30, 2003 • 0
If Tuesday night’s State of the Union address left you wanting a little less George W. Bush ’68 in your life, too bad: The 43rd president may soon hit New Haven in the form of a new name for Tweed-New Haven Regional Airport. At least, that’s what Republican state Sen. Win Smith Jr. recently proposed »