In-class pranks peeve professors

April 20, 2010
In the middle of one of Professor Alexander Nemerov’s GRD ’92 packed “Introduction to Art History” lectures on a Wednesday afternoon last month, a student dressed in a gorilla costume barged through the door of the Law School auditorium, grunting as he entered. When the gorilla-man finally joined Nemerov on stage and offered him a »

Aldermen want to raise ‘living wage’

April 19, 2010
Ward 1 Alderman Mike Jones ’11 and two other aldermen want to raise the wages for some employees working with the city. They will submit a proposal to the Board of Aldermen today that would raise the “living wage” — the minimum salary, based on economic indices, for an average household to meet everyday costs »

Awards honor Yalies, city residents

April 15, 2010
Four years ago, Eli Bildner ’10 and Samuel Purdy ’10, who grew up together in Montclair, N.J., and have known each other for 14 years, were surprised when they were both admitted to Yale College. They were even more surprised when they were both randomly selected to live in Davenport College, and both went on »

Grant to help Tweed add flights

April 8, 2010
After years of flying to only Philadelphia, Tweed New Haven Airport is poised to offer flights to Washington, D.C., Detroit and, if all goes well, Orlando, airport officials said, but they do not know when the expanded flight options could be available. The Federal Aviation Administration last Thursday announced an approximately $3.7 million grant to »

Yale helps construction workers find jobs

April 6, 2010
Yale is helping more than 40 New Haven construction workers develop new skill sets and find jobs. Every year since 2003, Yale has teamed up with New Haven’s Commission on Equal Opportunities, local trade unions and local developers on the Construction Workforce Initiative, a city-run program that helps minorities, women and ex-cons living in New »

New Haven vies for Google high-speed network

April 1, 2010
Culture, food and fashion, step aside: New Haven could be on its way to becoming a mecca for Internet technology. Last Friday, the city submitted its application for a contest hosted by Google that would build an experimental “ultra high-speed” broadband network known as Google Fiber in a select number of target communities. It would »

Scholars reflect on Dante

March 29, 2010
After the last event of this past weekend’s conference “Dante’s Volume from Alpha to Omega: A Graduate Symposium on the Poet’s Universe,” assistant professor of Italian David Lummus dismissed the participants and thanked them for their attendance — but Italian professor Giuseppe Mazzotta chimed in with a reply. “That’s it?” exclaimed a disbelieving Mazzotta from »

Police raid targets recent violence

March 29, 2010
Responding to recent violent activity, police served search and seizure warrants at two Newhallville residences Friday, according to a statement from New Haven Police Department spokesman Joe Avery. The first residence raided, 569 Mill Rock Ave. in Hamden, was unoccupied at the time. There, police found numerous 9-mm bullets and a small amount of packaging »

Other grocers prepare to step up

March 25, 2010
In three days, New Haven’s only major retail grocery store, Shaw’s on Whalley Avenue, will shut its doors for the last time. Community members say they are finding it difficult to find new places to buy their groceries and community organizations are coming up with ways to ease the strain. But some other businesses are »

State may ‘ban the box’

March 24, 2010
In today’s job market, times are tough — especially if you’re an ex-con. That is why New Haven community activist groups are trying to push a bill through the Connecticut State Assembly that would require the state, as well as certain organizations with which it has contracts, to offer jobs to potential employees before asking »

Peru drops six charges in suit

March 22, 2010
The Republic of Peru has withdrawn six of the 17 charges filed against Yale in its 2008 lawsuit demanding the return of ancient Inca artifacts removed from Machu Picchu by Yale professor Hiram Bingham III between 1911 and 1915 and now housed at Yale’s Peabody Museum. The six charges, which were dropped Feb. 26, accused »

Police chief search advances

March 4, 2010
New Haven will welcome two new members to its public safety team in the next 10 months. The first is a new chief of police. The second is a 40-foot long chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive maritime vessel, which will be housed in the Port of New Haven. Mayor John DeStefano Jr.’s ongoing search »