Schafler and Wu: Harrison best for homeless

Guest Column

Sneaker artist creates customized footwear

Beef N Broccoli is more often found in Chinese food take-out cartons than in mail-order shoe boxes. But “gourmet” sneaker artist Brian Spar, better known as the “Chef” of GourmetKickz, who makes “Food for the Sole,” is trying to change that. [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”12998″ ] “Beef N Broccoli,” his first pair of custom-painted Nike Dunks delivered […]


Study finds toxic chemicals in subjects’ bloodstreams

Is It In Us? According to a study released last week by the Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Connecticut, the answer is a resounding yes. Toxic chemicals were found in the bloodstreams of all 35 participants in a biomonitoring research study organized by a coalition of environmental and public-health organizations across the nation. The […]


‘Absence’ takes root in Artspace

The interior of 50 Orange St. looks like the common room of a Yale suite on move-in day. Canvases, tools and various other supplies are strewn across the floor. The walls, for the most part, are bare and starkly white. In one corner, Carolina Pedraza works diligently and meticulously. Carefully marking out a neat grid […]


Film Studies scores copy of rare art film ‘Lupe’

The Film Studies department celebrated its recent acquisition of Jose Rodriguez-Soltero’s 1966 film “Lupe” on Sunday with a special screening event, which included a brief discussion with the filmmaker, a member of the circle of avant-garde filmmakers that includes Andy Warhol and Kenneth Anger. The event was jointly sponsored by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender […]


Yale gets grant for child health research

The Yale School of Public Health announced Thursday that it has received a $15 million contract from the National Institutes of Health to fund research on child health and wellbeing as part of the National Children’s Study. Researchers at Yale and across the country will follow 100,000 children in both urban and rural areas from […]


Aldermen explore new housing options

Members of the Board of Aldermen held a meeting on affordable housing yesterday, discussing a potential new strategy that favors protecting existing home ownership instead of pushing for new home ownership. Thursday’s meeting of an ad hoc committee on affordable housing was largely devoted to hearing reports from consultant Jim Farnam, of the consulting firm […]


Sailors pick up wins all across NE

It was a weekend that ended well. After traveling across the northeast and dividing their energies to compete in three different regattas, Yale’s sailing team concluded two full days of racing by bringing home several top finishes. Most notably, women’s team captain Jane Macky ’09 captured first place at the NE Singlehanded Championships, a Women’s […]

YCC hosts Saturday of service

The weather on Saturday morning may have been cloudy, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the 220 Yale students, faculty and community members who participated in the fourth annual Community Service Day. Organized by the Yale College Council, the event was meant to bring together students, faculty and staff for a morning of service […]


Law Dean Koh speaks to New Haven high school scholars

Many Yalies have been perplexed, at some point, by the hordes of curious New Haven schoolchildren who occasionally invade Commons at lunchtime. One group of budding scholars recently expanded its claim to Yale, trooping through the halls of the Law School to hold an audience with the school’s top official. On Monday, a group of […]


STEP sponsors tour of power plant ‘wonderland’

Stone lions guard the gates to Yale’s Central Power Plant, housed in a red brick neo-gothic structure on Tower Parkway, with the thick smoke spewing out of its towers the only sign of the activities going on inside. But last Friday, nine curious Yale students got to explore this “Power Plant Wonderland” through a tour […]