Diaz-Machado: A Party theme gone awry

April 5, 2010 • 457
The right way to respond: Did the “Colonizers and Colonized” protesters go too far? Wednesday night was different from most of my nights at Yale. I had just settled back in front of Facebook after having a little too much Manischevitz at Slifka’s Queer Seder. Thoughts of freedom from oppression and slavery floated around in »

Streitz’s ‘ignorant’ claims misrepresent MEChA

December 6, 2007 • 13
Paul Streitz doesn’t seem to know much about MEChA, or immigrants, for that matter. That was clearly seen in his letter to the News yesterday (“Yale, a ‘third rate’ institution, promotes delusional stance on immigrant ‘take-over’” 12/5). My issue wasn’t with the fact that once again the News published an inflammatory editorial piece from someone »

Chavez was hero to laborers, Mexicans

March 30, 2007 • 0
In his letter to the News on Thursday, Fidel Martinez calls MEChA de Yale’s assertions as to Cesar Chavez and his work to be “wholly incorrect” and a “historical inaccuracy that distorts and insults ‘la mexicanidad.’ ” Also, Martinez calls a comparison of Martin Luther King Jr. to Chavez “both disrespectful and inaccurate.” Martinez points »