Renaissance studies no longer a major

April 3, 2009
Starting next year, Renaissance studies will no longer be a standalone major, following a unanimous vote in favor of the proposal by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences on Thursday afternoon. The major will now be offered as a special divisional major, and all courses in the program — which were cross-listed in other departments »

Graduates adjust to market

April 2, 2009
As the recession places strain on the nation’s job market, the Graduate School and its academic departments are rolling out new strategies to help Yale’s graduate students win more professorships and postdoctoral appointments. Tactics and job placement strategies vary by department, as do job placement rates, but Graduate Career Services is set to launch a »

Briefly: Mangan to join Curtis Institute of Music

March 27, 2009
John Mangan, the Graduate School’s assistant dean of administration, will leave Yale in June to join the Curtis Institute of Music as vice-president and dean. Mangan will oversee the academic, musical studies and performance curricula at Curtis, succeeding Robert Fitzpatrick. Prior to becoming Yale’s assistant dean, Mangan served as the dean of Jonathan Edwards College. »

Faculty hiring holds up

March 26, 2009
Consistent with a pledge University President Richard Levin made in December, and despite the recession, Yale is continuing to hire faculty at a normal rate. In interviews, six administrators and eight department chairs said the University has been actively recruiting candidates for several dozen faculty positions. And because of this, the administrators said, Yale is »

Yale to allow more credits abroad

March 6, 2009
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Students will now be allowed to use credits from both a summer and semester abroad toward the 36 credits required to graduate, University faculty decided Thursday. In a move to encourage international exploration, the proposal — presented by the Committee on Honors and »

Briefly: Brantley, of English department, awarded tenure

March 5, 2009
The Board of Permanent Officers voted to appoint Jessica Brantley, formerly an assistant professor, to tenure yesterday afternoon. She is now an associate professor. Brantley specializes in Old and Middle English literature, manuscript studies, text-image relations and the history of the book. In December 2007, she released a book entitled “Reading in the Wilderness,” an »

Gender neutral housing on hold

March 3, 2009
Yale students intent on living with members of a different gender will have to look to off-campus accommodations for at least another year. A proposal that would allow gender-neutral housing options for Yale College juniors and seniors will not be available for the 2009-’10 housing cycle, Yale College Dean Mary Miller and Council of Masters »

Department chairs say classes will not be cut

March 3, 2009
As academic departments across the University gear up to prepare their tightened budgets for the upcoming fiscal year, some sacrifices may have to be made, but administrators and faculty said Monday that resources for scholarship and education will remain untouched. Following the release of budget guidelines by the Provost’s Office on Friday, faculty and administrators »

Gender-neutral housing stalled

March 2, 2009
Gender-neutral housing options will not be available for the 2009-’10 housing cycle, Yale College Dean Mary Miller announced in a statement today. Instead, a task force will be formed by Associate Deans Marichal Gentry and John Meeske to explore such options further. An ad hoc committee of administrators, formed in January 2008, recently recommended that »

News analysis: CYCE report acted as Univ. ‘road map’

February 26, 2009
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. When members of the class of 2008 graduated last May, they took their distributional requirements with them.The change in requirements — from four group areas to six subject and skills areas — was only one of many recommendations made by the Committee on »

For minority profs, time is scarce

February 16, 2009
When Stephen Pitti ’91 first joined Yale’s faculty, he served on 14 committees in his first year. As an eager young faculty member, alumnus and one of Yale’s first Latino professors, he was bombarded by requests to take on administrative and committee work. Pitti agreed to an unusually large number of these requests — and »

YCC to evaluate teaching assistants

February 13, 2009
The Yale College Council plans to investigate section and teaching assistant quality, starting with a survey of student opinion to be sent out next week. The YCC began looking into the issue because of a perceived disparity in section quality across departments in Yale College, YCC President Rich Tao ’10 said. YCC members have begun »