SALVATIERRA: Don’t cry for me Venezuela

March 7, 2013
I support some of Chávez’s goals, but I mourn for Venezuela and the hatreds Hugo Chávez has sown.

SALVATIERRA: Please don’t prove me wrong, America

November 26, 2012
America, please protect the Thanksgiving tradition. I don’t think you realize how unique it is. For one day, let family trump materialism.

Salvatierra: The light at the end of the tunnel

October 20, 2010
Last week, an estimated billion people around the world watched nervously as rescuers in northern Chile saved the lives of 33 trapped miners. “Los 33,” as they are now known in Chile, were buried 700 feet below ground for an unprecedented 69 days following the collapse of their mine on Aug. 5. They survived alone »