SAVERIN: The long hair is mine

February 1, 2013
In doing close to nothing, I was hoping for that accidental, “real” beauty, and if that didn’t work out, at least I would feel real. Or, more probably, accidental.

SAVERIN: What she sees and what I forget

January 25, 2013
These days, my grandmother only has the present tense.

SAVERIN: On a night run

January 18, 2013
My night running spatial language helps me be fluent in play; it encourages me to stand on my head again, climb more trees, lie on the ground, and watch the sky move.

SAVERIN: In defense of the cold

November 8, 2012
In June, I jumped into the Alaskan Pacific for the first time. The water bit my goose-bump-coated skin with 58-degree saltwater fangs. It zinged and buzzed and reminded me, thoroughly and completely, of where I was. I laughed and let my jaw hang beneath the surface of the water, sucking in the sea and spitting »

Yale Women’s Center: A broader movement for change

Yesterday, 16 Yale students and alumni released a statement making public a Title IX complaint against Yale University. The complaint contends that, by failing to address sexual violence on campus, the administration has allowed the existence of a hostile environment for women. As a result, the University will face an investigation from the Office of »

Saverin and Walstrom: Making our campus safer

September 29, 2010
Last week, Yale Police Assistant Chief Ronnell Higgins reported that a female graduate student was followed off of a Yale shuttle bus by five men. They harassed her, and one grabbed her and began to forcibly kiss her. Days before, the News reported that a male student entered a suite of sleeping female students in »