ROSEN: Fight for 15

September 6, 2013
On Aug. 1 I stood outside of a Walgreens in downtown Chicago chanting, “Come on out! We’ve got your back!” alongside 200 other people.

ROSEN: A goodbye to L-Dub

April 24, 2013
I hated L-Dub immediately.

ROSEN: A troubling announcement

March 27, 2013
We should find a way to ease our budget deficit without increasing the term-time job component for financial aid recipients, and we should include students in making those decisions.

ROSEN: Say no to charter schools

February 13, 2013
Not only are charter schools not a solution; they are a problem themselves.

ROSEN: For more equitable financial aid

January 16, 2013
It’s time for Yale to stop putting financial aid recipients at a disadvantage every summer.

ROSEN: Obama, redeem our hope

November 5, 2012
On Nov. 4, 2008, I crowded into Grant Park alongside 240,000 other entranced Americans to watch the newly elected Barack Obama give his victory speech. As results from the last couple of states came in, we passed the time by singing “Solidarity Forever” and jumping up and down to get a good view of Michelle’s »

ROSEN: Diana or Diana?

October 19, 2012
My name isn’t pronounced the way you think it is. I get a slightly different story every time I ask, but my parents usually say they chose the pronunciation “Dee-yah-nah” because it meant that my name would be pronounced the same way in both English and Spanish. They failed to account for the fact that »

ROSEN: Demand representation

October 5, 2012
Last Friday, I stepped up to the microphone at Battell Chapel to voice my concerns with the presidential search process. I told the members of the search committee sitting before me that as a member of Students Unite Now, I did not believe that the three minutes allotted to me were sufficient to communicate what »
Political science professor Seyla Benhabib GRD ’77 participated in the YPU debate, “Resolved: Yale should be run as a business coproation.”

Benhabib warns of corporate influence

October 4, 2012
At a Yale Political Union debate Wednesday night, Seyla Benhabib GRD ’77 discussed the failings of applying a corporate model to a university setting. Speaking to roughly 75 students and several faculty members at the organization’s fifth debate of the year, “Resolved: Yale should be run as a business corporation,” philosophy and political science professor »

ROSEN: The conservative side of Yale

September 25, 2012
I didn’t know much about New York Governor George Pataki before I decided to run with the don’t-ever-miss-an-opportunity-thrown-at-you-by-Yale philosophy and hear him talk. I knew he was a moderate Republican — a foreign species for me coming from a leftist, urban background — but I figured, why not? So last Tuesday I walked through the »

ROSEN: Chicago’s teachers need support

September 13, 2012
Three days ago, over 25,000 Chicago Public Schools (CPS) teachers walked out of their classrooms to go on strike for the first time in 25 years. As a recent graduate of the CPS system, I spent the last few months of high school watching my fantastic teachers get pushed around by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and »

ROSEN: Don’t scare the freshmen

September 7, 2012
Camp Yale gave the class of 2016 many new experiences — getting repeatedly lost in a four-block area, Yale Night at Toad’s, more sex talks than one could have imagined and, among other happenings, a public safety meeting. Now I have to admit something: I fell asleep during that event. SSS — that big hall »