ENRIQUEZ: Remember to say I love you

April 16, 2013
I have never loved Boston as much as I did yesterday.

ENRIQUEZ: Finding grace and a case against marijuana

January 23, 2013
I wanted to ask my friends to stop smoking. No matter how good I became at paralyzing my face when people talked about their drug use, it will always be a reality for me.

ENRIQUEZ: You can’t ignore us

December 7, 2012
One of my professors made a joke at an election panel we held this year about how the “Latino vote gets rediscovered every four years.”

ENRIQUEZ: Design your own path

November 2, 2012
It’s telling that a year later, Marina Keegan’s piece on consulting and banking recruitment, “Even Artichokes have Doubts,” continues to ignite heated conversations across campus and the country about campus recruitment and the jobs we take once we leave Yale. The piece left us questioning what we value, how we measure our own impact and »

ENRIQUEZ: The Myth of the Latino Vote

October 10, 2012
I genuinely look forward to the debates, the speeches at the DNC and the RNC and voter outreach programs that generate mountains of press. But nothing makes me grimace more than the discussion of the “Latino vote.” Because I wish it was that simple. Really, it’s a myth. Even at Yale — in La Casa »

ENRIQUEZ: Accepting vulnerability

August 29, 2012
“I can imagine the face you are making right now,” says my best friend over the phone. And it’s true: He probably can. That is part of what makes this relationship and a few other friendships as rewarding as they are. He knows me well enough to know not only how I will react to »

ENRIQUEZ: For more inclusive activism

April 2, 2012
I like to think I’m making a difference. Many of us activists do. We get up every morning, scan the headlines for topics that interest us, read articles that people send us and talk to people who have the same interests. Friends outside our interest groups also notice things for us, and for me, this »

ENRIQUEZ: Defining secure communities

February 21, 2012
The first scare came in December. I received news from City Hall that the Secure Communities Act was to be implemented in New Haven. I broke into a cold sweat as I considered the implications of the act. Secure Communities is an act passed by the federal government in October 2008, set to go live »

ENRIQUEZ: Split families, split personalities

September 1, 2011
‘Listen. My boyfriend is in a hospital just outside Guatemala City. He doesn’t have enough money on him to pay for his medical services in cash, like they asked him to. I have never done this before and the money needs to get to him today. I have time to run to the bank to »

Enriquez: Defending birth right citizenship

February 4, 2011
The recent elections have been a cause of concern for me and many of those close to me. This apprehension is not specifically related to the question of who will steer our government for the next couple years, but rather the growing rhetoric in favor of repealing birthright citizenship. Even here at Yale, I have »