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February 1, 2006 • 0
Watching media coverage of last week’s Hamas victory, one cannot help but internalize its preponderant sense of apocalyptic hysteria. For some, genuinely surprised at this sudden, seemingly irrational shift in Palestinian attitudes towards an organization that is on virtually every government’s terror list, Palestinians have set back the clock on negotiations. Their conclusion is that »

Silencing Finkelstein is the easy way out

October 25, 2005 • 0
It is understandable that listening to Norman Finkelstein can be difficult for those raised in Zionist households, just as it was difficult for us to listen to him speak of the failures of the Palestinian resistance movement and its leaders over dinner earlier that evening. We are raised with ideologies that we feel define us, »

Israel’s ‘wall’ won’t bring security, only violence

November 18, 2003 • 0
If you walked by Cross Campus yesterday, you could not have possibly missed the 150-foot-long sheet of tagged insulator, Students for Justice in Palestine’s latest attempt at creating awareness about Israel’s “Separation Wall.” Also known as the “Security Fence,” often dubbed the “Apartheid Wall,” it represents Israel’s latest attempt to annex more territory and put »