WHIPPLE: Don’t just vote for money

September 26, 2014 • 0
It’s hard to say exactly how much money is too much to allow into politics — but you don’t have to draw a clear line to see when someone has long since crossed it.

Wyoming senator headlines conservative conference

October 21, 2013 • 0
Senator John Barrasso, the keynote speaker for this year’s William F. Buckley Jr. Conference, spoke at a dinner at the Omni Hotel to hundreds of students and alumni.

WHIPPLE: A nonexistent legislature

October 3, 2013 • 0
Nobody knows what a perfect legislature looks like. Tackling the question in the Politics, Aristotle prefaces it with the caveat, “Well, that’s a toughie, isn’t it?” You could take Directed Studies a thousand times, do all the reading, and watch CNN between seminars, but you still wouldn’t have an answer. Nobody ever will. But we do know one thing: it sure as hell looks nothing like this. »
The baseball team heads into an important weekend series against archrival Harvard as the Elis look to climb the ladder in the Rolfe Division.

BASEBALL | Elis look to break Ivy tie

April 12, 2013 • 0
It’s always nice to beat archrival Harvard (6-22, 3-5 Ivy), but for Yale baseball this weekend, it is shaping up to be crucial.
designated hitter Josh scharff ’13 went two-for-four with a double in sunday’s 1–0 win over penn. The senior is hitting .326 on the season with seven rbis.

BASEBALL | Hickey halts three-game skid

April 8, 2013 • 0
After the baseball team struggled to three straight losses this weekend, left-hander David Hickey ’14 put the Elis back on their feet with a complete game shutout against Penn on Sunday.
Defensive end Beau Palin ’13, who was recently elected captain for the 2013 season, tied for the team lead in sacks this year with four.

Palin ’14 elected football captain

November 27, 2012 • 0
After a disappointing 2–8 season culminating in a heartbreaking loss to Harvard, Yale football is already preparing for next year.

WHIPPLE: Spelling bees in gibberish

October 22, 2012 • 2
At the close of the first presidential debate, President Barack Obama knew he’d lost, and the rest of us a greed. Consensus held that he had been tentative and detached, that Governor Mitt Romney had dominated the format, that the President hadn’t delivered any YouTube-ready soundbites. He had been what he never was in the »

WHIPPLE: A vote is not a fashion statement

September 24, 2012 • 5
“Politics” has always been the essence of boring. When kids and grownups sat at separate tables for dinner, the kids talked about video games and music and told dirty jokes that we thought our parents couldn’t hear. The parents, as far as the kids could, tell, never strayed from a single topic. Politics. One word »

City officials call for public works director pay raise

September 11, 2012 • 2
When New Haven Director of Public Works John Prokop told city officials that he planned to retire on Feb. 1, 2013, some City Hall officials began to worry that the city is ill-prepared to enter the market for a replacement. Despite overseeing the second-largest municipality in the state, the Elm City’s director of public works »