Stage weapon ban insults Yale community

April 23, 2007
We are frustrated and saddened by Dean Trachtenberg’s recent decision to ban the use of realistic stage weapons on campus. We believe that this decision, made in response to an incomprehensible tragedy, condemns our community for the discussions it is mature enough to handle. This act of petty censorship flies in the face of a »

Individualism is key to conservative path

October 27, 2005
It’s easy to make broad claims about the nature of freedom. America’s history is full of battles over what specific freedoms to give to its citizens. But before the liberal and conservative grudge match can begin, it’s worthwhile to discuss why our tradition of individualism is valuable in itself. Peter Johnston, in a recent column »

Race isn’t right litmus test for politics

December 3, 2004
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Is Condoleezza Rice really a black woman? Should one dignify that question with a response? In a column earlier this week, “My take: We’ve been Condoleezza-boozled,” (11/1) Dayo Olopade asserts that a woman who was born in Birmingham, Ala. in the 1950s, who »