Participants in Yale’s new Directed Studies for Life program often preferred doing course reading to attending the program’s social events.

Alums dig DS for Life

August 31, 2011
This summer, Yale students trying to earn extra credits or preparing for study abroad trips weren’t the only ones cooped up in the classroom. A cohort of 14 Yale parents and alumni — plus one alum’s spouse — ranging in age from roughly 30 to 90 gathered on campus for two weeks in May to »

Pollard releases statistics

August 31, 2011
When Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dean Thomas Pollard issued a lengthy list of recommendations for improving doctoral programs last week, he intended to give students and professors food for thought. In addition to his 20 pages of suggestions for bolstering mentorship and other aspects of the Graduate School, Pollard also released a wealth »

Pollard suggests fixes for Grad School

August 26, 2011
After a year of research, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dean Thomas Pollard unveiled a set of recommendations intended to strengthen Yale’s doctoral programs Thursday. In an email to Graduate School faculty and students, Pollard released a 20-page list of nine measures aimed at improving mentoring, along with a 29-page list of “best practices” »

Professor denied appointment at Yale sues CIA and FBI

July 16, 2011
Juan Cole, a noted Middle East expert and outspoken critic of the Israeli government who was denied a faculty appointment at Yale in 2006, sued the CIA and FBI on Wednesday. The University of Michigan history professor and the American Civil Liberties Union have filed a case asking for the “immediate expedited processing” of Freedom »

Anti-Semitism initiative to end

June 7, 2011
The Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Anti-Semitism (YIISA), which has operated since 2006, will not continue next year, Director of the Institution for Social and Policy Studies Donald Green said in a statement. The decision to end the program has met criticism from groups across the nation that show support for Jewish people, »

UChicago registrar named new Yale registrar

June 6, 2011
Updated: 1:46 p.m. Gabriel Olszewski, currently university registrar at the University of Chicago, will become University registrar at Yale July 18, Yale College Dean Mary Miller told the News Monday morning. The appointment is the result of a semester-long search following the retirement of Jill Carlton, who had led the Registrar’s Office since 2003. Ernst »

DKE sanctions may prove difficult to implement

May 27, 2011
Even though Yale’s undergraduate disciplinary body has issued sanctions against Delta Kappa Epsilon resulting from an inflammatory public pledge chant in October, it is still unclear whether the University will have any sway over the future of the fraternity. Yale College Dean Mary Miller announced the outcome of the Executive Committee’s disciplinary proceedings against DKE »
Students file in at the 310th Commencement.

University confers 2,907 degrees at 310th Commencement

May 23, 2011
Yale’s 310th Commencement had the robes and vocabulary of a formal ceremony, but graduates added their own flavor to the proceedings with spirited shouts and accessories. Yale University conferred 2,907 degrees — 1,251 to undergraduates — and awarded another 229 provisionally to students in the Law School and in the School of Medicine’s Physician Associate »

Faculty approve new ROTC resolutions

May 5, 2011
UPDATED: 7:40 p.m.This evening, Yale College faculty did their part to help “clear the way” for the return of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps to Yale. A “significant majority” of the roughly 200 faculty members who attended a Yale College faculty meeting late Thursday afternoon voted to discard a set of resolutions that led to »

NRC changes boost Yale rankings

May 4, 2011
The accuracy of a controversial set of rankings of doctoral programs by the National Research Council has been questioned since their release in September 2010. Now, two waves of corrections issued last month in response to criticism have boosted the ranks of several of Yale’s graduate programs. The NRC, which is part of a private, »

Committee finds academic improvement

April 27, 2011
The committee charged with assessing reform to Yale’s curriculum has found it difficult to measure the effects of the 2005 changes to academic requirements, but its findings point toward significant positive change. Yale College Dean Mary Miller said the Committee on Yale College Education is nearly done with its report, but will delay the completion »

Faculty to vote on ROTC rules

April 25, 2011
The University has taken another step toward inviting the Reserve Officers’ Training Corp (ROTC) back to campus. The Faculty Committee on ROTC released a report Thursday recommending that Yale College amend the four resolutions approved by the faculty in 1969, which led to the discontinuation of ROTC at Yale. At the May 5 faculty meeting, »