U.S. must remember true price of ‘free land’

February 23, 2007
Presidents Day has come and gone, and with it the celebrations held by many states, cities and schools of the lives of two exceptional presidents: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Behind these celebrations is the undercurrent of appreciation for America in its current form. Imperfect in its international dealings, and still incompletely equal in its »

‘Virtual’ religion raises interesting questions

February 9, 2007
If you are like me, then you use the Internet for some very useful, if somewhat banal, things. For example, I check movie reviews and times, get news, keep in touch with friends, and conduct research — Wikipedia for background information only, thank you very much. When I want to laugh, there’s the well-known pantheon »

As world’s climate changes, so must economy

January 26, 2007
By the time you finish reading this editorial, there is a high chance that you will judge me for being either naive or too easily convinced. Despite that possible outcome, I will be candid about something that happened to me over winter break. I had a conversion experience. Well, maybe not a real conversion experience, »

Americans can learn lessons from Quebec

December 8, 2006
The Canadian House of Commons motion defining Quebec as “a nation within a united Canada,” has citizens of our northern neighbor in a tizzy. The motion, passed by a vote of 266 to 16, was introduced by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Some provinces express great opposition to this measure, such as British Columbia, where, according »

Season should inspire us to life of service

November 17, 2006
Let me take you, dear reader, on a journey through my Thanksgiving ritual. Beginning at Yale, after The Game, my interior monologue hits largely the same beats every year. “Damn, I can’t believe we lost again! I’m so happy to go back home and relax. I wish I didn’t have any work over break. I’m »

Media attention helps keep us honest

October 20, 2006
Yale students are now playing host to droves of visitors — their parents. In the tours they give their parents of Yale, the students will probably mention the beauty of the scenery, the academic strength of their classes, the fellowship with other students, the fact that $40,000 a year is well-spent. That last quality may »

An informed society needs Net neutrality

October 11, 2006
Since the dawn of the human race, advances in technology have led to advances in the exchange of information. Information exchange, in turn, yields economic benefits. Today, the Internet links the entire globe, allowing consumers to access a greater variety of services and consumer reactions to services than ever before. Enterprising people have made fortunes »