Ties to China come to terms with eventful past

October 4, 2006
In a meeting of 100 of the most prominent leaders in Chinese education and 20 of their foreign counterparts, it is no coincidence that Yale President Richard Levin was chosen to deliver the final keynote speech. The third biennial Ministry of Education-sponsored Chinese-Foreign University Presidents’ Forum, hosted at a government leadership training facility in Shanghai, »

Corp. amends policy on discrimination

October 2, 2006
The Yale Corporation’s first meeting of this academic year, held from last Wednesday to Friday in New Haven, yielded more substantial policy decisions than have past annual retreats. During the meeting, the University’s highest decision-making body approved a much-debated amendment to Yale’s official nondiscrimination policy, deliberated on the question of early admissions, and discussed the »

Univ. raises $1.3 billion

October 2, 2006
After years of hushed wining and dining, the University has raised approximately $1.3 billion, or 43 percent of its $3 billion fundraising goal for the next five years, Yale President Richard Levin announced Saturday night. The most recent incarnation of the University’s Capital Campaign, dubbed “Yale Tomorrow,” was launched this weekend with a series of »

Foundation donates $50M

September 29, 2006
Yale educational programming related to China has received a boon, thanks to a pair of $25 million donations announced Thursday to establish the Maurice R. Greenberg Yale-China Initiative. The donations, which stem from Greenberg’s family foundation and the Starr Foundation, are to fund an initiative that will provide funding for the World Fellows Program, a »

Admissions review gains momentum

September 28, 2006
Yale has begun to accelerate its annual review of University admissions policies this week, as admissions changes continue to build national momentum following the University of Virginia’s announcement Monday that it will follow Harvard and Princeton in dropping the early admissions deadline. The Advisory Committee on Yale College Admissions and Financial Aid Policy ­— a »

UVA to eliminate early admissions

September 27, 2006
The University of Virginia announced Monday that it will eliminate its early decision program beginning with the Class of 2012, taking a cue from announcements in recent weeks of similar decisions by Harvard and Princeton. The public university — which has had a binding early decision program in place since the 1960s — changed its »

Levin forges new ties in Middle East

September 22, 2006
Yale President Richard Levin and Secretary Linda Lorimer returned this week from a trip to the United Arab Emirates, where they and other administrators explored possibilities for new educational partnerships — particularly in the arts — with the Middle Eastern country. The delegation’s trip, which took the Yale officials to the cities of Dubai and »

Princeton to drop E.D.

September 19, 2006
In a move that surprised Yale officials and may put increased pressure on the University to end its early action program, Princeton University announced Monday afternoon that it will eliminate its own early admissions deadline beginning next year. Following a similar announcement at Harvard last Tuesday, Princeton’s move marks the second time in the past »

E.A. to come under review

September 15, 2006
In a move that could fan the flames of a renewed nationwide debate on early admissions, Yale will consider ending its early action policy during a formal review process later this year, University President Richard Levin said Thursday night. Yale’s review, announced in the wake of Harvard’s decision to revert to a single admissions deadline, »

Campus plans for potential flu outbreak

September 14, 2006
Yale is currently developing an emergency response plan in case of an outbreak of avian flu, University officials said Wednesday. The Office of the Secretary, which manages the University’s emergency operations, has been working on the plan since this summer, Deputy Secretary Martha Highsmith said. The office has convened meetings with Yale dining, facilities and »

Harvard to end early admissions

September 13, 2006
Harvard University’s announcement Tuesday that it will eliminate early admissions sent shockwaves through the college admissions community, but top Yale officials said the University is satisfied with its current early action policy and does not anticipate any changes. Under the new policy, students applying to Harvard’s Class of 2012 will all be subject to the »

Univ. reviews accounting

September 11, 2006
For months, Yale has been the target of a sweeping federal investigation into the management of its federal research grant funding, and top University officials say they have stepped up ongoing efforts to bring their reporting practices up to date. The investigation by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services — representing the National »