Thanks for an amazing four years at Yale

After two years as a writer, one year as an editor, and these last seven months as a columnist, these 850-odd words represent my final appearance in the pages of the Yale Daily News. I’m not about to tell you just how much time I’ve spent with this organization, but suffice it to say that […]

2011: Don’t forget sports when making your pick

A message for prospective Yale students: Never mind that it rained on Bulldog Days. Be disappointed you couldn’t see a football game. Most of the college application process is now a complete blur to me, a mishmash of terrible tour guides (ahem, Harvard and Princeton) and really lame essay topics. But one conversation with my […]

Ready for the real world at 18, were ya?

Props to Roger Goodell. The NFL commissioner came down hard on two of the league’s most wayward stars this week, suspending Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry for the first eight games of the season and Titans cornerback/return man Adam “Pacman” Jones for the whole year. Henry was arrested four times over the past 14 months, […]

Give me more Rudys and fewer Mannys

This could be a whole column, but it’s probably been written already: Greg Oden ain’t so hot. He will be, that’s clear. But the guy barely made it through the first three minutes of multiple games before picking up two fouls and sitting until the second half. And he only broke out in the final […]

The only sure bet is against the pundits

Um, yeah, so about Wisconsin. And UNC. And Texas A&M. Whoops. But out of the ashes rises a new day — and a column! On Monday, I sat down to watch 24, per the norm, when my friend Jon Bittner decided to begin gloating that he had caught up to me in our a cappella […]

Break is here, and I want my Dickie V.

Bubble teams. Cinderellas. Dickie V. going nuts on national television for the 438,957,592nd time. You know what this means. It’s time for March Madness. Unfortunately, I have to write this column a little early. The major conference tournaments are only just underway, and those will shed some more light on who’s in, who’s out, who’s […]

Gold standard long gone on Tower Pkwy.

Silly me. After watching Yale basketball demolish Cornell last Friday and developing a huge man-crush on Eric Flato in the process, I figured I could stand to miss Saturday’s contest against Columbia, a team we had beaten three weeks earlier by 14 points — on the road. I had a concert to go to, and […]

Who needs the pros? Bring on the normalcy

I failed to make it through more than five minutes of Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game. I watched long enough to see a blatant walk (uncalled) and a pair of fast breaks, thanks in large part to defense that rivaled Barry Bonds’ flaxseed-oil argument. This isn’t new. Last year, I turned off the game and started […]

Support your local sportswriter

I spent about an hour Saturday night listening to the men’s basketball game on the radio. We sports columnists live exciting lives. Despite trailing all game, the Bulldogs captured the lead for the first time with 1:29 to play. The Big Red went up by one on a pair of free throws with 32 seconds […]

Men’s hoops needs to win sans 6th man

Allow me to paint a sad, sad picture for all of you. There are 48 seconds left to play in the first half of the men’s basketball game against Penn last Saturday, Yale has the momentum and a six-point lead, but a bad foul on the perimeter has put sophomore Quaker Kevin Egee on the […]

Peyton, take a look at the Bulldogs

I’ve been torn for days. On the one hand, this is Super Bowl week. In my opinion, every sports columnist deserves three things: • A catchy nickname (Still waiting. I told my editors that if they use “couch-bound cowboy” again I might go on a killing spree.) • A snazzy columnist photo (Again, still waiting, […]

Reflections from the sofa jockey

Toward the end of last semester, I made a bet with a friend regarding whether or not I could make it until the end of the year without whining. So a) Lindsay, you owe me dinner, and b) Back to the whining. As I begin writing this column, it’s Sunday night, and I’m sitting on […]