MCCOY: Seeing Yale’s sky

March 2, 2012
I like to think that in the fall of A.D. 3100, our great-great- … -grandchildren will matriculate at New Yale, located in the city of New New Haven on the icy surface of Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s Galilean moons and the largest satellite in the solar system. I imagine students complaining about how far away »

MCCOY: Bird brains ain’t so simple

February 24, 2012
This semester, I am taking “Human Evolution,” a fascinating course taught by Andrew Hill. As I learn about the complex web of human ancestors and relatives (with multiple hominid species coexisting and even preying upon each other!), I find myself wondering where exactly one can draw the line between humans and animals. We think we »

MCCOY: In praise of the Peabody

September 25, 2011
In his column in the News Sept. 22, Thomas Burns is very critical of the Yale Peabody Museum. Although Thomas’s factual conclusions are largely inaccurate and his opinions idiosyncratic, his column does demonstrate the need for a clear understanding of the Peabody’s real value. Hopefully I can contribute to this effort. Let me begin by »