For Yalie entrepreneurs, a landlord and partner

April 26, 2010
When student start-ups with little credit, a short track record and uncertain prospects need to expand, they turn to Carter Winstanley. In addition to overseeing the renovation and rebuilding of dilapidated properties in Science Park, Winstanley, co-owner of Winstanley Enterprises, a Massachusetts real estate development company, works closely with the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute to help »
As part of their outreach  efforts, the Women’s Center sponsored a roundtable at Toad’s.

Women’s Center board looks to broaden appeal

April 20, 2010
Two years ago, the walls of the Yale Women’s Center bore paintings of female genitalia. The artwork, abstract representations board members made of their own vaginas, was meant to welcome visitors to the Women’s Center, said Isabel Polon ’11, a former political action coordinator for the center. “What’s more inviting than a vagina?” she said. »
Yale undergrads and grad students recite their poetry at the Beinecke.

Student poets reflect, write, recite

April 8, 2010
Wallace Stevens is alive and well in the work of Yale student poets. At the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library Tuesday afternoon, 11 undergraduate and graduate students read their original poetry for an audience of about 60 people. The works touched on nostalgic memories of the poets’ childhoods, paintings at the Yale University Art »
Jake Cohen ’12 studies a Silliman floorplan in what was an unusually stressful room draw for Sillimanders, with several students expecting to be annexed.

In housing, the luck of the draw

April 5, 2010
In the tangled logistical ordeal of assigning on-campus housing, each residential college has its own game of chance. In Silliman and Jonathan Edwards, students draw playing cards to determine the order in which they select rooms. In Branford, the dean picks numbered Ping Pong balls from a jar. In Berkeley, students fish strips of paper »

Brooklyn Butcher gives tasty Tea

March 26, 2010
Students at Thursday’s Saybrook College Master’s Tea got something meaty to sink their teeth into. Literally. Tom Mylan, the head butcher and co-owner of the Brooklyn butcher shop Meat Hook, carved beef sashimi as he answered questions and passed around savory slices of the shank for an audience of about 50 to try. In fact, »

Maps and manuscripts illustrate an old worldview

March 23, 2010
Napoleon Bonaparte famously had his men re-draw the world’s map to make France larger, but he wasn’t the only historic figure who tried to alter the public’s perceptions with cartography. “Invented Bodies: Shapely Constructs of the Early Modern,” now on view at the Whitney Humanities Center, features maps and manuscripts from the 15th through 18th »

Posner raises human rights awareness

February 15, 2010
Michael Posner sends notes to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton LAW ’73 every few hours, asking her if the United States can take in more Haitian refugees severely injured by last month’s devastating earthquake. As Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, that’s one of the ways Posner tries »
Gloria Steinem joined five other feminist activists in Linsley-Chittenden Hall on Sunday night for a talk about feminism in the past and present.

Steinem headlines talk about feminism

February 1, 2010
Famed feminist Gloria Steinem said college curricula should be revamped to be more inclusive, warning modern women against “reinventing the wheel” in their feminism because they do not know the complete history of the women’s movement. “We need to include African-American history, women’s history, gay and lesbian history, everything I would call ‘remedial history’ so »

For student publications, what’s in a name?

December 3, 2009
When Eric Ward ’10 and Elisa Gonzalez ’11 decided to found an undergraduate magazine called The Yale (College) Book Review, The Yale Review asked them to rethink their name. The two English majors wanted to revive an undergraduate book review called The Yale Review of Books, published from 2001 to 2004. But The Yale Review, »

For Yale Farm, much ado about a sign

December 2, 2009
Daniel MacPhee, manager of the Yale Farm, once had to chase down a bus full of schoolchildren who had come to volunteer for the day but could not find the farm. But he could not blame the driver — the farm has no sign. Yale Farm administrators’ requests for one of Yale’s iconic blue porcelain »

Students push for school reform

October 27, 2009
The undergraduate organization New Haven Action wants 787 New Haven public school parents to attend this coming Thursday’s Board of Aldermen finance committee meeting. The statistic represents the number of New Haven parents who, according to a list recently compiled by city officials and provided to the group, are interested in New Haven school reform. »

School board meeting protested

October 14, 2009
New Haven Public Schools officials say they are making progress with offering Spanish translation in public schools. But one New Haven grassroots organization rallied to say otherwise at a Board of Education meeting Tuesday. In the surprise protest, about 30 volunteers from the group Teach Our Children called for more Spanish translations of school documents, »