Eisenman addresses admitted students, talks time and space

April 12, 2011
Immanuel Kant said that human beings make sense of our experiences by using the concepts of space and time. Famed architect and School of Architecture Professor Peter Eisenman said that architects tend to pick one or the other. “Architects can usually be divided into two camps: those who are primarily interested in an ideology based »

Society of Arts and Letters elects five Elis

March 22, 2011
Maybe it’s something in the water. Of the 10 artists elected to become members of the American Academy of Arts and Letters earlier this month, half have ties to Yale. Four alumni, along with English professor Michael Cunningham accepted seats in the academy, said Executive Director Virginia Dajani. “You kind of closed the market, didn’t »

Roche “thinks big”

February 22, 2011
The night before Kevin Roche’s job interview with Eero Saarinen ARC ’34, the renowned architect, Roche stayed up all hours of the night. He was partying at the Stork Club in New York City with his cousin, an actress who had an expense account with MGM, his story goes. The next morning, at the interview, »

Exhibit reviews work of heralded Modernist Kevin Roche

February 8, 2011
Kevin Roche is not an alumnus of the Yale School of Architecture, but a new exhibition of his work at the school celebrates him like a native hero. The architect behind iconic New Haven structures such as the Knights of Columbus world headquarters will be honored with a retrospective exhibition of his work at the »

More than 900 seek spots at architecture school

February 1, 2011
Aspiring architects are still hiding out in Rudolph Hall until the economy rebounds, judging by this year’s admissions statistics. This year, between 900 and 1,000 students applied for the approximately 50 spots available next fall. The Yale School of Architecture has seen a slight dip in applications this year compared to last, but Associate Dean »

Weather ups construction costs

February 1, 2011
Due to unexpectedly large snowfalls this year, contractors working on Yale construction projects are absorbing the extra weather-related costs. Dimeo Construction, a company hired to work on the Yale University Art Gallery, West Campus and the School of Management, factored in a fixed amount of money to deal with winter conditions at each site, but »
School-wide layoffs are a result of a budget gap of approximately $13 to $17 million; the city has not increased school funding for two years.

Layoffs loom in school budget

January 26, 2011
At a public meeting of the Board of Aldermen’s Education Committee Tuesday evening, Superintendent of Schools Reginald Mayo said the city will face layoffs this coming year that could affect teachers, part-time staff and administrators. The coming workforce reduction is a result of new deficits that the school district expects to face, depending on the »

MLK Jr. Day draws crowd

January 18, 2011
In a two-day extravaganza, for the 15th year in a row, the Yale Peabody Museum honored Martin Luther King Jr. this weekend. The festival, “Dr. King’s Legacy of Environmental & Social Justice,” drew more than 5,000 people, Peabody Event Organizer Josue Irizarry said. Local artists performed and activist organizations such as CitySeed set up tables »

Gallery visits increase as construction continues

December 3, 2010
Though some “visitors” to the Yale University Art Gallery have to wear hard hats to do their work, the ongoing construction has not kept professors or students from doing theirs. In fact, more faculty are using the space now than did before the renovations brought cranes and scaffolding to Chapel Street. Data collected by gallery »

Novum Organum to be revived

November 16, 2010
Students at the School of Architecture are working to breathe life into a new organ for the school in the near future. But they’re dabbling in journalism, not biology. Novum Organum, a radical architecture magazine published in the late ’60s and early ’70s at the Yale School of Architecture was then “a new organ” for »

Davenport gets new bushes

November 5, 2010
The Davenport courtyard received 52 new holly bushes early this week – thanks to landscaping problems that may date back to the college’s renovation. The new bushes replaced ones that previously grew in the courtyard, which were removed because they were slowly dying in the over-irrigated soil. Alex Polino, the groundskeeper for Davenport, said the »

Stewart rally pokes fun at media

November 1, 2010
Over 100 Yale students gave up Halloween weekend at Yale for an event with equally ridiculous costumes and pageantry. At the “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear” in Washington, D.C., an event organized by Comedy Central personalities Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, attendees dressed as clowns, tea bags and “Mama Grizzlies.” The comedians said at »