LETTER: Make the Mass accessible

November 15, 2011
Travis Heine’s recent column argued that the upcoming changes to the Roman Catholic mass are for the better. I’m not so sure — as a Roman Catholic, I think the changes sound pretty horrid. The author says some of the current phrases used are opaque — well, I don’t know how you hope to fix »

Memo to Sarah Eidelson ’12

November 9, 2011
MEMORANDUM TO: SARAH EIDELSON, WARD 1 ALDERWOMAN-ELECT LOCATION: NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT SITUATION: NOT GOOD Congratulations. Now comes the hard part. You’ve landed yourself in quite a pickle. You’ve agreed to be a part of the government of a city in danger of losing two decades of progress thanks to a well-deserved and persistent reputation for »

ROSS: We need a complete crime report

November 2, 2011
When Yale releases its annual safety report, we trust that its statistics give an accurate picture of campus crime. They don’t. The crimes that receive the most publicity, thanks to the emails of Yale Police Department Chief Ronnell Higgins, are street robberies and the occasional shooting. That’s as it should be — those crimes threaten »

ROSS: Candidates neglect policing

October 26, 2011
It’s no surprise that New Haven has a crime and policing problem. It is a surprise that neither of our Ward 1 aldermanic candidates seems willing or able to do much about it. I was shocked and alarmed by the comments of candidate Vinay Nayak ’14 about policing at Monday’s aldermanic debate. He argued that »

ROSS: The Limon I know

October 19, 2011
New Haven is losing a dishonest police chief. But don’t worry, he leaves behind dishonest city officials aplenty. The story of the departure of the New Haven Police Department’s Chief, Frank Limon, is one of skullduggery. As the News reported, officers apparently spotted Limon on Friday in his third floor executive office, and he wasn’t »
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ROSS: We should understand the crime scene

October 18, 2011
A global reputation for academic excellence. A beautiful campus with renowned architecture. A dynamic student body that pumps energy and life into activities outside the classroom. These are all facts about Yale University. They are the reasons why many of us chose to come here and the incentive for parents to drop us off at »

Alleged murderer ruled mentally unfit

September 30, 2010
A judge ruled Tuesday that the suspected murderer of a Yale clinical fellow is unable to stand trial. The defendant, Lishan Wang, is neither able to understand the judicial proceedings against him nor to assist in his defense, New Haven Superior Court Judge Roland Fasano said, and has been ordered to spend 60 days receiving »

Police chief develops strategy to curb violence

September 28, 2010
It was no ordinary swearing-in ceremony. On April 5, New Haven welcomed its new police chief, Frank Limon, with demands that he curb the long spate of unsolved murders that had swept the city. The violence picked up in October and peaked the weekend before Limon’s arrival. Just after midnight on April 3, Kenneth Bagley, »

Around New Haven 9.24.10

September 24, 2010
Body found in bathtub in East Shore home A dead body was found in a bathtub of an apartment in the East Shore neighborhood on Wednesday afternoon, and police have categorized the incident as a suspicious death. Police said the maintenance worker who found the body entered the apartment after a tenant told him water »

Briefly: Death near Yale-New Haven was suicide

September 22, 2010
Police said Tuesday that they believe the man found dead near Yale-New Haven Hospital on Monday morning has committed suicide. Initial reports indicate that the man jumped from the fourth floor of a parking garage in the area of 2 Howe St., but the investigation is still open, said New Haven Police spokesman Joe Avery. »

Mayor announces downtown crime crackdown

September 22, 2010
After a shootout downtownearly Sunday morning left two men injured and one gunman at large, city officials said Tuesday that they are toughening up on crime in the area. Standing on Crown Street near the site of the College Street shooting, Mayor John DeStefano Jr. and New Haven Police Department Chief Frank Limon announced at »

Man found dead near Yale-New Haven Hospital

September 21, 2010
A dead man was found near Yale-New Haven Hospital early Monday, causing panic throughout the hospital and confusion among city officials, who were focused on the continuing investigation in Sunday morning’s shoot-out on College Street. A spokeswoman for the Connecticut Chief Medical Examiner’s Officeconfirmed the death but declined torelease the man’s name, saying that the »