Postdischarge period poses perils

January 29, 2013
After receiving hospital treatment, many elderly patients have to return for acute care only a few weeks following their release.

Postdischarge period poses perils

January 29, 2013
After receiving hospital treatment, many elderly patients have to return for acute care only a few weeks following their release.

Yale researchers discover new tick disease

January 17, 2013
Before going outdoors in the summer, some people may don long-sleeve shirts and long pants to avoid being bitten by ticks carrying Lyme disease. But Yale researchers have discovered a new tickborne infection for which to watch out.

Architecture students tackle flooding

December 5, 2012
Designing a research campus for a university halfway across the world would be an unexpected task for most architects.
Architecture and political science professor Elihu Rubin '99 leads students in an interactive urban design workshop.

Urban planning democratized

November 28, 2012
Though designing cities requires years of training and experience, the future of urban planning may involve local residents armed with little more than toy blocks and Popsicle sticks.
Legislature could consider 'right to die' bill

Legislature could consider ‘right-to-die’ bill

November 27, 2012
Connecticut’s legislature may reconsider its ban on physician-assisted suicide if a new bill is introduced in next year’s legislative session.

McHale continues to lead Elis

November 16, 2012
As the football season approaches its conclusion, it will be Bulldogs’ first without a captain in the team’s 140-year history, but the new “team leader” system has had little effect on the team’s culture and performance.
A crowd gathered in front of City Hall on Thursday to show solidarity for immigrant rights.

Immigrant’s detainment sparks outcry

November 2, 2012
Juana Islas, a New Haven resident and undocumented Mexican immigrant, broke down in tears before a crowd gathered at City Hall Thursday evening as she recounted the story of how her brother Josemaria Islas may now face deportation after having just settled felony charges. Josemaria Islas, who is currently in the custody of Immigration and »
The No. 1 women’s sailing team earned second spot at the Victorian Coffee Urn intersectional and qualified for the Women’s Atlantic Coast Championship.

SAILING | Bulldogs qualify for championships

November 1, 2012
The Bulldogs took home key victories in fleet regattas last weekend, winning the New England Intercollegiate Sailing Association Championships and qualifying for the Atlantic Coast Championships. The No. 3 coed team won the Erwin Schell Trophy hosted by Brown University on the Providence River, leading Brown by 31 points with a score of 111. The »

Trumbull master to leave post

October 18, 2012
After serving for 16 years as Trumbull College master, Janet Henrich announced Monday that she plans to step down at the end of the 2012-’13 academic year. In an email sent to the Trumbull community, Henrich said she and Associate Master Victor Henrich will leave their posts to take a year-long sabbatical before returning to »
Two students work at the Center for Engineering Innovation and Design. Director of the CIDE John Morrell ’86 left Yale before its opening.

In STEM fields, faculty retention an open question

October 12, 2012
When John Morrell ’86, a professor of mechanical engineering, was named director of the highly-anticipated Center for Engineering Innovation and Design in May 2011, engineering students and faculty had no idea that he would leave the University for a job offer at Apple a month before the Center’s opening. His sudden departure left the CEID »
Joan Steitz, Sterling professor of molecular biophysics & biochemistry, won two prizes this month for her work as a female scientist.

At Yale, gender gap in sciences narrows

September 21, 2012
While a gender gap still exists in the sciences, female students in science, technology, engineering and math fields are better represented at Yale on average than at other colleges and universities nationwide. The percentage of female STEM majors in the senior class at Yale has hovered between 39 and 46 percent — slightly above the »
Salovey inauguration