Sociology prof talks Obama, drama

November 5, 2010
At Labyrinth Books Thursday, sociology professor Jeffrey Alexander said that Barack Obama did not just win a presidential election in 2008 — he also won the title of “best performer” in the race leading up to it. Alexander, director of the Center for Cultural Sociology at Yale, discussed his new book, “The Performance of Politics: »

Art investigator Noah Charney talks art crime

October 12, 2010
Noah Charney, an historian and novelist who taught a class on art crime at Yale last year, has come out with a new art crime nonfiction book titled “Stealing the Mystic Lamb: The True Story of the World’s Most Coveted Masterpiece.” He sat down with contributing reporter Clarissa Marzán to discuss the world of art »

Yalies turn parking spots into miniparks

September 20, 2010
Among the sedans and trucks parked up and down College Street between Wall and Elm streets last Friday was a living room-like space, complete with brightly colored rugs and someone leisurely reading a book on a neon blue inflatable couch. The unusual display was part of an annual international event, called Park(ing) Day, that aims »