TEHCNOLOGY COLUMN | iPod nano sets the bar high with handy, fun features

September 30, 2009
When it first came out, the original iPod conquered the music industry and became the standard by which any other media player was measured. By today’s standards, however, the original iPod seems quite unwieldy; and now, the iPod nano has become the flagship non-touchscreen iPod in Apple’s lineup, making the iPod classic an afterthought for »

TECHNOLOGY COLUMN | Web offers access, not accuracy

September 16, 2009
Back in the early days of the World Wide Web, before the Internet became virtually omnipresent in businesses and households, the idea of an “Information Superhighway” — a term coined by Al Gore — that connected every household and allowed them both to consume and provide information was a distant possibility. And although the term »

Technology column: In everyone we trust?

September 2, 2009
Wikipedia has been hailed as one of the most successful collaborative Web projects of all time. Hosting over 3 million articles in English alone, the site is one of the largest repositories of freely available information. It would take about 1,000 volumes to translate the contents of Wikipedia into print. The philosophy of the Wikimedia »

TECHNOLOGY COLUMN | A music player you can operate eyes-free

April 30, 2009
When you open its tiny box, the first thing you notice about Apple’s newest generation of the iPod Shuffle isn’t its miniscule dimensions — that it’s almost the same size as a stick of gum, or that it weighs less than two quarters. You notice that it has no buttons. Only a headphone jack and »

TECH COLUMN | Mejia: Kindle inherently less useful than iPod

April 8, 2009
Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader has much in common with Apple’s iPod: a sleek, white design, a huge content library and a compact form. But while the iPod has become the behemoth of portable music players — to the point where some people call any digital music player an iPod — the Kindle doesn’t seem poised »

TECH COLUMN | Mejia: Twitter generates buzz on the news scene

March 4, 2009
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Step aside, bloggers: Your days as the go-to reporters of the Internet are numbered. Twitter has shown itself to be a worthy, albeit unlikely, competitor to more traditional blog style news reporting. The power of blogs and other social news outlets has become »

Mejia: Obama’s tech savvy may boost gov’t.

February 4, 2009
All eyes are on President Obama as he embarks on the process of reversing America’s struggling economy while dealing with international turmoil. So much so, in fact, that people are watching every move he makes — down to his phone of choice. A search for “Obama” and “BlackBerry” produces close to 12.5 million results — »

Mejia: Merging television and the Web

January 14, 2009
Digital media and television are on a collision course. Convergence between online content and consumer electronics has been a recent buzzword among the tech community. The recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was full of consumer electronics companies touting Web-connected appliances. Howard Stringer, corporate executive officer of Sony, predicted that in two years, nearly »

Mejia: User-generated content: A fad, or here to stay?

December 3, 2008
Since YouTube was founded in early 2005, it has hosted over 80 million videos. In 2006, Time Magazine declared “you” the Person of the Year. The recent presidential campaign attests to the influence of blogs and other forms of social media. Indeed, user-generated content has become incredibly prominent in today’s technological environment. But it remains »

Mejia: Cloud computing puts apps online

October 22, 2008
If I told you the next big thing in tech was going to be cloud computing, you might be a little confused. After all, clouds and computers don’t usually go together. “Cloud,” in this case, refers to the Internet: a “cloud” of interconnected computers holding huge amounts of information. But cloud computing, a departure from »

Mejia: Technology lags behind green movement

October 16, 2008
Green is in. Everywhere you look, you see efforts to reduce the environmental footprint humans create. But it seems technology has yet to catch onto the green movement. Sure, recycling programs from computer manufacturers exist and LCDs are more power-efficient than old-fashioned tube televisions and computer monitors. But the increasingly “always-on” mode of modern-day electronics »

Mejia: Web’s role in election unclear

October 8, 2008
In late September of 1960, millions of Americans turned their televisions on to watch the first nationally televised presidential debate between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. These first televised debates had a large impact on the election of 1960, helping Kennedy, who embraced the new media, to overtake Nixon. From that point on, television »