JANES: Levin’s leaving, but it’s not over

There is no doubt that change is coming to Yale. The end of President Richard Levin’s tenure will have an effect on all parts of the University, athletics included. Yes: that President Levin’s administration’s policies have bolstered other parts of the Yale experience at the expense of athletics is well-documented and undeniable. The President’s decision […]

JANES: Post-Olympics slump

For me, the aftermath of an Olympic Games is always a little frustrating. For a few magical weeks during a Summer or Winter Olympics, it’s neither over-the-top nor cliché to say the world is watching as its best in sport go head to head for all the right reasons. While money and fame await some […]

JANES: For God, for country and for Yale

Well, here we are: the last issue of the News before we leave for the summer, and for some of us, before we leave forever. Today, however, I am writing with a call to action rather than a closing argument. For weeks now, I’ve used this space to air my concerns about the state and […]

JANES: A book review of sorts

This week, I decided to delve even deeper into the arguments upon which the calculated destruction of the Yale athletic tradition have been based. Since I have so far been unable to ascertain any concrete outline for those motivations from any sources in Woodbridge Hall, I’ve begun some research regarding potential rational motivations for the […]

JANES: Four Years in Yale Athletics

(Preface: I’m always a bit unsure of exactly what my readership for these columns is, but I operate on the assumption that the only devout weekly readers of my columns are the YDN editors, my grandparents and whichever one of my mother and father drew the short straw that week. For those of you outside […]

JANES: Community fans give college sports relevance

I’ve always thought the value of sports to be self-evident, a fact wholly and blatantly obvious. Not something that can be quantified in dollars, nor accurately explained with words, nor proven with a well-crafted argument. Which means, I guess, self-evident can also be translated as “tough to prove.” As certain as those who see the […]

JANES: Revisiting the state of Yale sports

A few weeks ago, I expressed concerns about the state and future of Yale athletics in light of self-imposed recruiting restrictions and the administration’s growing dismissal of athletics. These factors are crippling a once-exemplary athletic department that will, in my opinion, soon be fighting for its Division I life. But I come this week with […]

JANES: A transition to mediocrity

As athletics transitions into spring sports, Yale is in the middle of a much more wide-sweeping, and more weighty transition. This transition extends further back even than the past decade. It is predominantly out of the control of anyone within the Athletics Department, and it has me, for one, very concerned: a transition to mediocrity. […]

JANES: Lin great for Ivy athletics

“Lin-sanity.” “Lin-sational.” “Lin-ning.” A “Lin-derella Story.” Call it what you want, but right now, New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin is straight up bal-lin. Sorry, couldn’t resist. But it’s true: the former Harvard basketball standout is tearing up the NBA to the tune of just under 27 points and just over eight assists in his […]

JANES: This season could be one of Yale’s most successful

This could be one of the best years in Yale sports history. Tragedy and off-field issues have distracted from a year loaded with success and potential — and rightfully so — but with statements made, investigations underway and the facts as straight as anyone can hope to get them, it’s time to shift the focus […]

JANES: Light and truth and athletics

“Lux et Veritas.” Light and truth. Hard enough to find one at a time these days in college sports. But the combination? Nearly impossible. It’s hard consistently to find integrity in college sports. Blame money. Blame the lure of professional sports. No matter how you look at it, the old adage “A lie by omission […]

JANES: Just Win

With the resignation of former head football coach Tom Williams in late December, Yale saw the departure of just its third football coach since 1965. Stability is a rare quality among Division I college football programs, but it is a product of Yale’s success in recent decades — 12 Ivy League titles, 10 of them […]