The question now is: Who lost Europe?

February 17, 2003
A half century ago the cry “Who lost China?” was heard as American politics struggled to assign blame for the fall of the Chinese mainland to Communism and the flight of the Nationalist Chinese government to Taiwan. Today, with the relentless opposition, led by France, to U.S. policy toward Saddam Hussein’s Iraq regime; anti-American demonstrations »

Saddam Hussein and the UN’s moment

September 10, 2002
With the war on terrorism one year old, the focus now shifts to the United Nations in what could be its “League of Nations Moment.” As former Secretary of State George P. Shultz stated recently in The Washington Post, “The world has now entered the third decade of crises and dangers to international peace and »

Charles Hill

October 29, 2001
As scientific detective work goes on to locate the terrorists responsible for the anthrax attacks, this latest threat makes it clear that we are in a war of fear versus fortitude. Whether those who murder by mail are connected to Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein or not, we now know that terrorism spawns more »