Freshman workshops emphasize communication

January 26, 2012
The new sexual misconduct prevention workshops for freshmen launched this week are drawing on recent research about sexual relationships to encourage students to listen to their instincts in social situations. Rather than reiterating the definition of consent — the traditional approach to sexual misconduct prevention — the 75-minute workshops examine common communication patterns in social »

Sex Week faces financial challenges

January 25, 2012
Organizers of Sex Week 2012 said the administrative ban on corporate sponsors will limit their ability to attract the type of high-profile speakers who have come in past years. Connie Cho ’13, one of the Sex Week directors, said organizers have turned to “grassroots fundraising efforts” — reaching out to residential college masters, students, alumni »

Leadership sessions launch

January 24, 2012
As part of renewed efforts to engage students in creating a safe campus environment, the Yale College Dean’s Office has enlisted high-level administrators to speak to student leaders at this week’s leadership training sessions. Attendance at one of the three 75-minute sessions, which began Monday night with a crowd of over 300 students, is mandatory »

Students split over tailgate changes

January 20, 2012
An administrative decision to tighten tailgate regulations in response to a fatal U-Haul crash at last November’s Yale-Harvard tailgate has generated mixed responses from fraternity leaders and students alike. While the changes to tailgating policies announced in a Thursday email from University Vice President and Secretary Linda Lorimer drew strong criticism from some students, others »

Admins approve Sex Week

January 19, 2012
Administrators have approved a proposal that will allow Sex Week 2012 to take place on campus despite a November recommendation by the Advisory Committee on Campus Climate to ban the biennial event. After the committee, which was appointed by University President Richard Levin last April, asserted that Sex Week had strayed from its original mission »
Leaders of Greek organizations presented a proposal to administrators Thursday drafting preliminary details of the ban on Greek organizations’ freshman fall rush period.

Frat eyes expansion to Yale

January 18, 2012
Students hoping to join a fraternity may have an additional group to consider rushing in coming years. Geoff McDonald, coordinator of chapter and colony development for Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity, said he has been reaching out to students with fliers and Facebook messages since Jan. 9 in an effort to establish an Alpha Sig chapter »

Peer advising programs growing in residential colleges

January 10, 2012
An increasing number of Yale organizations is placing liaisons in the University’s 12 residential colleges, marking a growing trend in bringing resources directly to students. One semester after Undergraduate Career Services introduced peer advisors, UCS has noticed a significant increase in the number of students using its peer counseling resources. But Yale Health’s Mental Health »

Workshops to start this month

January 9, 2012
As part of efforts to improve Yale’s sexual climate, two new instructional programs on leadership strategies and sexual misconduct prevention will take place at the end of January. Freshmen will attend a new set of workshops that will “examine the signals people use to distinguish among agreement, refusal and ambiguity,” Yale College Dean Mary Miller »

Students question new training sessions

December 15, 2011
Yale College Dean Mary Miller unveiled two instructional programs Tuesday on leadership strategies and sexual misconduct prevention — but a majority of students interviewed questioned whether these initiatives will improve Yale’s sexual climate. This January, freshmen will attend a new set of workshops that will “examine the signals people use to distinguish among agreement, refusal »

DKE activities continue despite ban

December 7, 2011
Despite a five-year ban that prohibits the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity from using campus resources or facilities, interviews with DKE members suggest that the restrictions have not significantly affected the group’s activities this semester. After DKE pledges shouted offensive chants on Old Campus last fall, Yale College Dean Mary Miller announced in May that the »

Sex Week organizers submit proposal

December 2, 2011
The proposal for Sex Week 2012 to be submitted to University administrators today acknowledges that a few past events have “gone awry” and promises that this year’s events will all have educational value. After the Advisory Committee on Campus Climate recommended that Sex Week be banned from campus in a report released last month, University »

Campus sees surge in registered organizations

December 1, 2011
Nearly a year after the Yale College Dean’s Office increased efforts to encourage more registration among student organizations, administrators are seeing more groups register. The number of registered organizations reached a peak of almost 450 earlier this fall, Associate Dean for Student Organizations and Physical Resources John Meeske said. That figure marks a significant increase »